04 August, 2004

We said goodbye to the Cabbage Tree Palm this morning!

It was not a great start to 3 days leave. Have you ever noticed that there is some sort of consipiracy thing that happens when you get a few days off work, and you think you're going to get a sleep in. You know, someones car alarm goes off, or in the case of this mornings effort it was tree removers and their chainsaws.

We like our neighbours across the road, and we really liked their tree. I'm not a great fan of palms in general, but this Palm was so elegant, and tall. Lying in bed it was the only thing I could see other than the sky, and it could be quite mesmerizing as you gazed at its fronds swaying in the wind. The birds really liked it too.

I can't understand why they got rid of it. It certainly improved the look of their house, softening the brick veneer and colorbond, not to mention breaking up the expanse of concrete that is their front garden.

Well for the part it played in the aesthics of the street, providing a resting place for birds, its efforts in reducing greenhouse gases and purifying the air we breath it will be sadly missed by us across the road.

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