22 August, 2004


......... 2 minutes ago I was shrieking expletives for the monumental stuff up I just realised I had made. Now it is kind of funny and means I can enjoy a night in front of the TV, morning tea with P tomorrow and possibly even lunch with mum. It does not however, bring back the weekend which could have been spent in Melbourne or going to the 50's fair today.

What was this monumental stuff up? I am way ahead with my uni study by no less than 4 weeks. How did this happen? I have mistakenly assumed week 1 for module 1, week 2 module 2, etc when in fact from week 3, module 3 was to take 3 weeks, and module 4 was to take 2 weeks. Get the picture, we are now in week 6 and I have been busting a gut to complete all the work up to module 6. Module 6 is actually due for completion by 29 Oct.

I can now see the funny side and am relieved, as I can now go back and do the stuff I skipped.

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