07 October, 2011

52 - Avalon

Ok... It has been done before, and people have even done a book about it, so I thought I might give it a go as well... There may be times when its a little 'quirky' but it will be (basically) a different location from within Sydney (mostly) every week... I will try and get these up of a Friday, but it could be anytime over the weekend really!

So, today marking week 1, where do we start... With 'A' of course and that's an A for...


Avalon is a northern beachside suburb of Sydney, in the state of NSW, Australia. Avalon is located 35 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD, in the Pittwater Council LGA and is otherwise know as the Northern Beaches region.


Avalon was named after the mythical Avalon, a legendary island in Celtic languages mythology. According to legends, Avalon was an earthly paradise and the final resting place of King Arthur apparently!

European Settlement

The first land grant in the area was 60 acres (240,000 m2) to John Farrell in 1827. A 400-acre (1.6 km2) land grant was made to Father John Joseph Therry in 1833, who fought hard for the recognition of the Catholic Church in the colony. He built a church in this area but his plans for a settlement never eventuated. In the 1920s, the area was still known as 'Priest's Flat'. Arthur J Small handled a subdivision in 1921 and chose the name Avalon.


Avalon features RSL, bowling and sailing clubs; a supermarket, shops, cafes and a cinema. Sport & Recreation.

Avalon Beach is a surfing beach and has a 25 metre salt water rock pool at the south end. Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club members patrol Avalon Beach.[3] Several former surfing world champions are also past or current Avalon residents.

Avalon Soccer Club, established 1982, has over 80 teams and 1000 registered players. Avalon Junior Rugby League Club has contributed several players active in the Australian National Rugby League. Avalon also has a small nine hole golf course.


An episode of the American TV show Baywatch, was shot at Avalon Beach in the late 1990s. Producers of the show, seeking to relocate from their Californian base due to cost constraints, proposed a full relocation to Avalon. However, following complaints from residents (supported by former world surfing champion and local property owner Mark Warren), the series moved instead to Hawaii.

Quintessential Australian - Avalon

Lifeguard Board - Avalon

Rock Pools - Avalon

Rock Pool - Avalon

Wiped Out - Avalon

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05 October, 2011

WW No.52 - Spring has sprung

Aphids on Rose

Strelitzia spp


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26 September, 2011


Ok, so over the weekend, I moved - or at least, I WAS moved! we had to vacate our office at work, due to mainly an office relocation as repairs were needed elsewhere. BUT, these changes are only a temporary thing alas...

A short time ago, when I went to China actually, my office was stripped bare, dampness was repaired and then it was re carpets and painted. I came back from China, and unpacked. In that very same week, it then became clear that again the packing boxes were needed as we were about to move, this time, up to the other side of the site! We will be here for at least 3 months!

So, Friday I spent the afternoon, packing, sorting repacking my boxes. I only had 3 of them, as well as my PC. Now a lot of my files are all electronic, in that I scan everything and then save as a PDF. And, yes, every single morning I get an email from the server saying that I need to make space as my allocation is nearing its capacity! I mean, fair go, I've been here for over 10 years now, and I have a lot of files already, and I think the allocation is a paltry amount, can't you give me some extra space? Anyway, I digress...

After unpacking, the carpenter was still working in the building, we settled down to work... We were still having the bathroom fixed with a new toilet, roll holder towel roll etc, and there was some noise about the place. BUT, now, it is dreadfully quiet in that we are the only two in the building, we've locked the door to the outside but it is a really nice place to be in! Closer to the city for starters, but a renovated sandstone Gatehouse - really nice! If the weather was nicer, I'd take a photo and post, but its returned to winter here, and its Grey and overcast!

Hoo roo for now...



Every now and then, we have to have a good hard look at ourselves, and think, am I OK? Well, over the last week (and a bit), I HAVE done this, and I am taking steps to fix things... Re-invent myself if you like!

Aalborg Sunset 11-25pm.jpg

There are more subtle changes, if you like, but I have also made a monumental step forward as well - or at least I think anyway! This was hard to do, but even so, harder to maintain! But its done now, and there is no going back. I will however, make a small purchase for a 'replacement' for another spot, as I do feel kinda naked without it, but I am sure that this will pass!

I am also having a new outlook on things, and last night/this morning, I have made steps to rid myself of negativity and hurt. This was in the way of an SMS, and I feel good about my decision!

So, where to from here...? Onwards and upwards is all I can do or say! I have made mistakes in the past, and whilst I can't turn back time (sing darl, just like Cher) I acknowledge that I've made them... BUT, I certainly have a new direction in where I want to go and what I want to achieve!

NOW, its all about re-connecting, I have a lot of blogs to catch up on (these will be done over this next week as I am just about finished setting up my RSS feeds again on new laptop), people to see and old acquaintances to find. It's going to be a great journey!

Hoo roo for now...


22 September, 2011

Interesting stuff!

Last night, I had an interesting phone call where I've been asked to do a presentation about organ donation. Basically, it will be 'My Story' and the circumstances behind making the decision when I did. BUT, I am grateful in the knowledge that 2 people have benefited from the decision I/we made!

However, I went for a bit of a walk earlier today, and there was simply some magnificent colour about early this year!

Spring Walk 2011

Spring Walk 2011

Spring Walk 2011

Here are some closer looks at some of the specimens, the colours are simply stunning, and will come along as well over the Spring.

Spring Walk 2011

Spring Walk 2011

Spring Walk 2011

White Tulip

Spring Walk 2011

Along some of the pathways within the Gardens, there are a lot of Clivia spp lining them, and they look truly wonderful - both the orange AND the yellow...

Clivia Pathways

Clivia Yellow

Even looking to the skies, the good old Grey Headed Flying Fox's are about...



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21 September, 2011

Just some videos...

Video day today... First up is the 'Jedi Kittens Strike Back' series...

Then we have Declan from X-Factor, yeah a little cooky, but he did a great job on this song in the first of the live performances!!

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19 September, 2011

Award Judging 2011 and something technical!

Today, apart from being on a flex day, I sat on the judging panel for L's Award. This year, the nominee's were all very good, and the panel were all fairly consistent so it made it a pleasant experience to 'make the call'!

I also, finally, managed to clear everything I put onto my WD networked hard-drive, so as I can reformat it so as my MacBook can see it. BUT, as soon as I plugged it into the Mac, there it was, folders sitting there and even a file I left there as a test... SO now, I need to move everything BACK onto the networked hard-drive and enjoy it all, all over again!! I will also be getting an 'Airport Express' which will extend my wireless network at home, it will also have my sound system connected to it so I can play music from any of my PC's to it, and I will also be able to stream movies as well to the TV! This is getting all way to technical at home now, as I can move shows from TiVo to a PC, watch movies from Internet anywhere in the house, stream music from any PC and even the music L stored on the x-box just before she died!!! I won't know what to do with it all once its all set up!!!

Hoo roo for now...


18 September, 2011

End of an era - a Passionfruit era!

Well, today, it was an end of a very passionate era, I removed my passionfuit vine! These were put in JUST after L died in 2009, so they had done their time only being good for a couple of years! They may have gone an extra season, but the Lemon Myrtle, Blood Orange, Lemonade tree AND the Kaffia Lime tree were all suffering, so it was time to go.

It had stretched over some 15-18m along the colourbond fence. The last neighbours next door, after a spat of an argument concerning their dog getting into my yard, threw the vine BACK over when it was full of fruit! Silly them!


Anyways, my last bucket of fruit is going to be delivered to a old crafty blogging friend of L's, whom I've also become friends with since... I sent her a txt asking about her Vanilla Ice-Cream supply is like due to the vine removal, and, well lets say the reply seemed very keen to get some! So I am off to the Shire on Tues afternoon!

Last crop

Hoo roo for now...


17 September, 2011

Vale Macc

Friday, late, I said 'goodbye' to my lil mate Macc... He was 8.5

Happy Macc

A smiling Macc with Slow Joe

He was a great dog, pet and family member whom, was always there with a smile, a waggly tail and jumping high at the back door. He was gentle, with the kids, and to all his visitors as well...

We got him, originally, from the RSPCA. We were waiting for a dog from the Greyhound Adoption Program, but having a cat, it would be difficult. BUT, the President gave us a call wondering if we'd be interested in a puppy from the RSPCA. I went over (L was studying) and was greeted by Macc and his brother, and after walking past the cat enclosure and the rabbits, he was soon to come home with us...

Macc and co...

Over the years, he did get into some interesting situations...

Sleepy Macc


Comfy would you like to try

He LOVED a trip in the car - even if it was to the cemetery to visit L

Macc looking for mum

Over the last couple of months, he became ill, and in July, I thought he was going then. He had an enzyme that started to attack his large muscle groups. However he pulled through and recovered. However, on Monday, he was back at the vet's after a return of symptoms over the weekend. He stumped his vet, but on medications, returned to health! That is until Friday when it became so bad, the vet referred him onto the ARH again.

Macc @ Animal Referral Hospital

Macc @ Animal Referral Hospital

Macc @ Animal Referral Hospital

In the end, he had a heart issue, enzymes were through the roof, protein was through the floor, he had a cancer somewhere and a growth on his Pancreas and Liver, fluid on his lungs, heart and lower organs... He was most unwell...

So farewell mate, you'll never be forgotten!


Hoo roo for now...


16 September, 2011

They grow up just too darn fast!!

The other week, Fathers Day actually, we had a family lunch and whilst I didn't manage to get a group shot like I normally like to, I did manage (over the course of the lunch) to get individual shots of the nephews and niece... And they simply are growing up WAY to fast!!!

Looking here at Mr M and his brother Mr W, now both at school and doing really well, it seems like only yesterday that L and I were up in Brisbane looking after them for a week... Although, I still remember the day that Mr M (who was in trouble) emptied his ENTIRE wardrobe and drawers and piled it behind his door so as we couldn't get into his room... Funny to look back on now!!

Mr M - 9

Mr W - 6

Then, there's Mr R and his little brother Mr J who really are very similar! Although, I think Mr J looks like his cousin Mr W at the same age!!! They are a funny pair, and I really like how Mr J is so laid back as casual...

Mr R - 4

Mr J - 2

And then there's Miss R and her little brother Mr J... She is a real little tomboy I reckon, and she gets in with her cousins and plays like there's no tomorrow! And don't let that cute little face of hers make you go all mushy, she's a little bruiser!!! And, Mr J, her little brother, well, who can resist a face like his???

Miss R - 4

Mr J - 2

Hoo roo for now...