25 January, 2005

it's a feotus!!!

Well, last Sunday night, both B & A (not me and the other A that gets a mention from time to time from BMJ fame) came over for a long awaited dinner.

Dinner consisted of:

Mango and Prawn Tarts

Orange Roasted Chicken with a Vegetable Rissotto with a side of Chilli Cheese Bread

Warm Berry Pudding with Vanilla Yoghurt and Cream

But before we got down to the above mentioned feast, both the spermanator (as B was calling himself) and L's new eBay conspirator, drop their bundle! Not figuratively of course as this would have meant a very quick trip to the near by Westmead Hospital, but the news of there upcoming parentage!

We, or at least I did, had to keep it quite, thus the timely posting of this post now, as the family had to be notified.

So well done guys!!


  1. Oh wow B & A!!!! That is really wonderful news! Congratulations to both of you!
    Many hugs from.... the 'other' A!!

  2. As it would seem that blogger has eaten my tasty first comment let me try again....

    Wow!! Congratulations to B & A.. that is really great news!!
    Many hugs... from the 'other' A x


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