04 January, 2005

a year has passed..

it is now 2005, and although it was only last week since we updated the BLOG, it does seem like a year has passed. Our New Year celebrations were a bit of a let down in some respects. We were supposed to be going to the City to watch the fireworks display with A, meeting up with Auntie C and Little L. But as luck would have it, B was sick again with stomach cramps (they have been on and off since mid December) and somehow an evening in the City mixing with the millions didn't seem such a good idea. Soooo,it was a night at home with DVD's, and the company of A (who had also not been feeling great).

We have not spent New Years at out place before. Intermission and finale fireworks were provided by Sydney City, whilst hours of intermittent local displays were provided by our neighbours in the park next door. In some respects it was just as well we weren't able to go to the city and were at home, as Slow Joe our foster dog and Jas the cat were absolutely terrified by the explosions taking place just metres from our tiny abode. Macc, on the other hand dealt with the whole ordeal in his own unique way, marching up to the back door, with a 'let me at it' attitude.

the Boys

After a good sleep in on New Year's day, the boys (Macc and Joe), B and I went to the Pittwater Dog Beach for a bit of sunshine and sand. Macc was not too impressed with the aspect of a swim, that 'let me at it' attitude from the night before was nowhere in sight. Whilst Joe was in his element rushing in and promptly dropping into the water. He loved it, and mixed with the other puppies large and small. It was a shame the boys had to wear their muzzles, as it puts some other dog owners off, they jump to the conclusion that because they are wearing muzzles they must be biters or dangerous, which couldn't be further from the truth. Regardless, the boys created a lot of interest and quite a few people came over to talk to us, they had seen the Greyhound Adoption Program at the Royal Easter Show. One lady from Greysteynes, and her friend spent a considerable amount of time with us, which was great, as the friend had a small maltese terrier and people could see that 'the Boys' were just happy to play with the smaller dog, and were not interested in eating it.

at the beach

Sunday we took a trip out to Bali Gardens and had lunch at Windsor, followed by an afternoon sojourn to the new IKEA at Rhodes Waterside. The new IKEA is HUGE, but it was also really packed full of people. Too many people for it to be a truly pleasant experience. It was a super late night with A and B playing X-box into the wee hours. I checked out at about midnight, after finishing the main part of my rose gingham quilt and pondering my next project, which is either to be a felt creation or Le Ete (I think this means 'Summertime') a Birds of a Feather X-stitch pattern I purchased off ebay. I am going to use Stitches and Spice linen and the Weeks Dye Works, but may not be able to get started for a little bit yet, as the size of linen required will need to be made to order, and I still need to pick up the cottons in order to determine exactly which colour sensation is best.

Monday, after a bit of a sleep in, it was back to my assignment, which got finished today.

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