17 January, 2005


It was a teary farewell on my part when Joe was collected Thursday PM. Macc and I have been feeling a bit miserable since, although a message from Denise that Joe's new family are very happy with him and that he has settled in well, puts the whole thing into perspective.

B was not as affected in the same way, as he was able to maintain focus with regards to the fostering process, and that it is temporary care. I on the other hand was not able to do this, and well Macc, I don't think we explained the process to him.
A suitable distraction from such self absorbtion was provided by A when she visited on Friday night, and brought a scary movie 'The Village' with her. Thanx A.
Another distraction included getting 4 exemptions from USQ for my MBA, which means I will be finished by the end of this year!

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