11 January, 2005

the lazy kings

As a pick me up to the news of the afternoon - it looks like B is going to have surgery on his back - we took ourselves into Sydney Olympic Park for The Lazy Kings. The production is by French company Transe Express and is described on the Sydney Festival website as an epic production based on a traditional French fairy story of nomadic kings, debonair charlatans and witty jokers.

You join one of the processions as six lazy kings are borne aloft on fantastic chariots in three separate musical journeys from faraway fantastical lands. Led by bells, percussion and brass bands, each procession winds its way through Sydney Olympic Park amidst a blaze of flares.

Lazy Kings Bells

The Witch on Wheels, encircled by her coven of Bicycle Witches,

witch on wheels

coven of witches

and Stabil of Padock, the gypsy voyager with his numerous offspring on a rolling bed approach from the West.

rolling bed

From the South comes Suzerain of the Alps, searching desperately for his true love atop the Royal haystack,


and the Mermaid Olanor on her deluxe iceberg.


Finally from the North, emerging from water comes a dashing young Prince perched on his aquarium

prince perched on aquarium


and Mortibus Orgiac celebrating his own funeral in a hearse drawn by two zebras to the sounds of a brass band.


They converge in the shade of a 20-metre high coconut tree where a breathtaking finale unfolds. The branches reach out to the kings, lifting them high above the crowd for a fantastic display of trapeze, sky-high derring-do, and musical delight!

palm tree finale

Last year B and I had stumbled across their production 'Angels of Light' and were totally mesmerised by it, so when we saw an article about it this time in Sunday's paper we decided it was the thing to do Monday night. It was the perfect pick-me-up, providing a distraction to B's bad news.

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