07 March, 2005

A, B & C

Last night, (Sunday), we went and had a lovely dinner with A, B & C.... In case your wondering, A is expecting the C!

We had a lovely night, up until B got out the old Trivial Pursuit, Special edition '80's style! Well, I totally sucked at it, and didn't even get 1 piece of pie, L got 2 (from memory) and whilst the other B got two, one was 'stolen' from A as in this game you can gasump from other parties if the question itself has a symbol on it and your roll of the dice matches the symbol, so A's piece of pie was quickly taken and he had three bits. But as the night was getting on, I made the suggestion we have a race to the middle and if you get the question right, then you're the winner. Well done A for your quick 'B-line' to the middle and an easy question to win!

Thanks A, B & C for the invitation for dinner!!

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  1. The first edition of Trivial Pursuit is bloody hard.

    The main reason I'm posting is just to say good job with your blog. I've never had a reason to comment before but what with this being Blogginton Love Day I thought I'd spread the cheer.


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