09 March, 2005

toaster tantrum

I got off to a really bad start today. Our new(ish) toaster kept shorting the house out. The first time it happened I was only partly dressed which meant when the power shorted out, I needed to get dressed to go outside and 'flick the switch'. On the way back in the radio needed to be turned back on, the microwave clock reset, etc if you ignore the video and other appliances that flash at you when there has been a disruption to the power. This process (apart from the getting dressed) was repeated a couple more times, with the exception of the last time when I decided to plug the toaster into a powerpoint in the loungeroom. I was trying to eliminate the kitchen and kitchen powerpoints as the problem, but had the same result, at which point it was deduced that the new(ish) toaster was solely to blame.

Already running late at this point, I determined the toaster had to be returned, so wasted a ridiculous amount of time searching for the receipt and getting myself even more worked up......and of course cranky with B, who was blissfully unaware on his way to work. To clarify I was cranky with B because of poppyseeds and breadcrumbs left on the kitchen bench after he made his lunch this morning, and wasn't it B who had discouraged me from getting my dream toaster in the first place because it was ridiculously expensive. If we had bought the dualit I wouldn't be having grief this morning, now would I?.

It wasn't till I was on the road and still trying to calm down, as I hadn't found the receipt, had left the house in a mess, hadn't had breakfast, and was late for a meeting at 9am, that I thought to go through the centre console of my car and found the receipt I was looking for. Now the toaster can be returned and I was calmed by the decision-making process required for deciding which colour(petal pink, mint green, glacier blue, lavender blue, utility cream.......) dualit toaster to purchase. Surely, the expense is worth avoiding another morning like this morning?

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