26 March, 2005

pink salt

Pink Salt

View of dining area - communal tables
We packed a lot into today, including food, family and shopping. Working backwards:

As the title of this blog suggests (for those who have been watching My Restaurant Rules) we had dinner at Pink Salt, in Manly. I guess I have to admit, we are reality TV junkies. But even so, I can honestly say the food was fantastic, and the service first rate. Evan was the perfect host (Bella had the night off) and Kiralee who served us, was such as sweetie, the whole experience was like you were the most important guests in a friends home.

We sat at a communal table (with 3 other couples), which was fine by us, we didn't have to wait long, in fact we walked up to the door and were seated straight away. In some ways I had been hoping we wouldn't eat for at least an hour, as we had come straight from the family easter lunch (4 hours of eating).

I bought some of the pink salt flakes as a souvenier, and because I liked it. I also liked the idea that in a very small way if more people used it, it might help with Australia's serious inland salinity problem. The salt is naturally pink and from the Murray/Darling River region. It contains naturally occurring minerals and elements resulting in a high quality salt with a unique flavour, and such a pretty colour.

Dinosaur Design bowl with pink salt
I also liked how the salt was presented in a tiny pink dinosaur design bowl. I think I need to add to my dinosaur design collection.....

Today was Easter Sunday, and we had lunch at Auntie C's in Randwick, this consisted of lots of food, chocolate and sitting around. It was nice.

We had a rushed morning, after going to the Royal Easter Show the night before and discovering the stall selling hand woven and felted cotton and wool mix wraps were almost sold out, we panicked and took ourselves back in to the Show first thing this morning. I wanted one to wear to the Littlest Sister's wedding next weekend. I had originally thought that an aqua green would be the best colour to go with the dress I was going to wear, we took the dress with us and instead I got a mauve and pale green/grey striped one which matches perfectly. Just as well really as the green ones had all sold out. I would put a link to Ann Collins who makes these divine wraps but she does not have a website just yet. B gave her a lot of encouragement to get one up and running. She visits the St Ives Heritage Craft Fair from time to time though.

I also purchased the Miffy Alphabet cross-stitch as we made the dash out of the showgrounds.

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