26 March, 2005

fish mornay

Well, today went looking for a bit of fish! Not any old fish, but a special fish to replace chilli. After almost 30 mins looking for parking in Westfield, we finally got ourselves a spot and joined the masses inside.

We not only trudged around the majors within, but found a plentiful supply of chocolate goodies for tomorrows 'Easter' binge. We had made ourselves a list of 'to-do' items, one of which was to find a suitable replacement for the dearly departed chilli. On the list of attributes required, was a long whispy fins & tail, pretty colouring and attitude! Well, we got two out of three, it remains to be seen about the attitude and if he will allow Jasmine to share HIS living space!

So long Chilli

After much discussion over names (Chilli, Bok Choi, Jalapeno, Jesus (prouounced 'hey zeus' & it is the Easter Weekend!!) ,and Lavender due to his colour), we introduce Mornay!


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