20 August, 2006

camellia craziness

Just feeling yucky and too tired to do anything this week, I decided the remedy was fresh air and sunshine this weekend. Remedy or not, it was also a necessity as Friday, I had purchased a few kangaroo paws, and some black mondo grass, the ‘goode’ husband had also tracked down a Finger Lime that he surprised me with on Friday afternoon, we also had bulbs purchased a couple of weeks back that needed planting. At least one day in the garden was required, except that a couple of short trips here and there also led to some sort of camellia craziness; getting a couple of keys cut, we bought two camellias (unnamed but one was pale pink, and the other hot pink), grocery shopping, another camellia (eastern red), a trip to the hardware, another two camellias (strawberry blonde and white waratah). A couple of azaleas, and heucheras, and the weekend was all about the garden.

A visit from A with Memoirs of a Geisha on DVD, and hours spent in the garden and I feel somewhat revived.

Less than seven days to go and I will be in Queensland.

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