28 August, 2006

just too early

a quick post before I head for bed. Mum and I have had a great day with the SIL and my nephews. It was an early start with Max waking and welcoming us, well me actually, firstly at 4am before my brother sent him back to bed, and then again just before 5.49am (I know it was before this time because it took me a while to adjust to the lights being on and to gather my wits enough to turn on my mobile to see what time it was).

The early start and weary from a full day of learning the ropes consisting of a trip to day care and introductions (both the boys will be there tomorrow), being shown the venue for swimming lessons (for next week), where to pick up a tuxedo (tomorrow), coffee at the Riverside Cafe Bookstore (this could be daily), lunch, naps, termite inspection assisted by Max (or should this be vocational experience as Max is going to be a "bug guy" after helping the pest inspectors carry out a termite inspection on the house), watching Ice Age (great DVD, made me laugh), play dohing, dinner, baths, then a trip to the airport to see the SIL off on her holiday (this was also so that I will know how to get back to the airport Wednesday to collect B), and finally learning (well actually providing guidance/moral support more than anything) how to hand tie a bow tie.

So really, its not too early to retire for the evening.

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