07 August, 2006

procrastination day one, two, & three

Day one ~ I have three days off work, the purpose of which is not to wash the windows which I finished doing at 9am, nor is it to weed the garden (3 weeding sessions of at least 30 minutes duration carried out by 2.30pm), watch Judge Judy (3-3.30pm), do some knitting, update the blog, peruse ebay, or check the mailbox.

Day two ~ repeat of day one with the exception of window washing, although I was tempted as the enviro gloves for window washing (only use water) have left water drop marks all over the windows, and it is irritating me.

The other exception, a purchase made on ebay, a bulk lot of hippeastrum bulbs.

Day three ~ repeat of day two with the exception of an ebay purchase although there is still time in the day, and the other exception of dropping B off to pick up his car, got and getting (very) irritated with him for interrupting my assignment time, the reason I am home for 3 days.

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