11 August, 2006

the goode huswife

tonight Celia commented in response to B complimenting dinner which, both she and Linda had cooked, that she thought that she was a very good cook and also wife, as she cooked dinner for her husband every night. Ohhhh, should I then feel that I am a bad wife? I am actually not sure whether this was directed at me or not, anyway I choose not to take offence. I am lucky to have such a great husband who likes (and is good at) cooking.

It reminded me of an American reproduction cross stitch sampler pattern I bought a couple of years back from one of the craft shows 'one seed for another' by 'the goode huswife' the saying on the sampler being
" the goode huswives in summer will save their own seeds against the next yere - as occassion needs.
One seed for another - to make an exchange with fellowlie neighbourhood seemeth not strange."

Whatever the last bit is supposed to mean, I may even do this one next if I ever finish L'ete.

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