18 November, 2006


Before we get kicked out of Esquires, we have been occupying the comfy lounges for a while now, I have to bring you a couple of photos from our afternoon rest stop before heading back to the hotel to push Zzz's.

We stopped in at Fred Ambler Lookout, Parnell, to take in the view and were pleasantly surprised by a colony of cats sunning themselves for the entertainment of tourists. We tried to count how many black ones, and tabby ones, and were amazed at how well they all got on. They didn't look feral, and we were amazed no one tried to take them home. I had picked a couple of favourites that if we lived here, would have happily taken home. It is one of the things we have noticed, New Zealander's seem to really love their animals, dogs in particular seem to be everywhere, in the gardens we have visited, just everywhere. I love it. It was nice to see the cats, they appeared well cared for, and we soon found out why. A lady came by to feed them with roast chooks. B couldn't help himself and went over to say hello, and was given a tour of the accomodation which apparently her dad had made. The set up was amazing, sort of tucked away, we wouldn't have known it was there had we not been shown.


Catsablanca dining room

Anyway, what an amazing attraction, and good on the Parnell Cat Colony Feeders. Might I suggest a sign in this area to explain the good work of these volunteers.

Catsablanca accomodation

It is funny as a tourist, you miss your pets and being able to 'pat a pet' or at least appreciate one on your travels is somehow comforting.

Macc and Jas it is just 3 more sleeps till we are home.

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