08 November, 2006

visiting amitie

amitie window display
I was fortunate enough to have enough time on the Wednesday I arrived in Melbourne to catch the train to bentleigh for a visit to the fabric and quilting store 'amitie'. It was a fairly straightforward trip, about 30 minutes from Flinders St (where I was staying) and no changing of trains.

amitie window display in closeup
I had encountered the ladies of amitie at the Darling Harbour Quilt Show earlier this year and hoped then to get to their store on my next visit to Melbourne. I was pleased I managed it this time although I was not tempted to buy any of the fabrics. I am not very good at putting fabrics together and there wasn't much in the way of fabric packs already made up. I also didn't really have any projects in mind. Probably just as well, as I have about a dozen fabric packs from a previous trip to Melbourne and the Darling Harbour Craft Show a couple of years back, which I couldn't resist at the time but haven't got around to making up. I couldn't leave without a purchase though, so came away with a new pink rotary cutter (breast cancer fundraising edition), linen thread (it looked kind of vintage, I have no idea what I will use it for at this stage) and a bird door knocker, not what you expect to be purchasing from a quilt store but I couldn't resist. There was to be a real bird theme over the next couple of days. More on that in posts to follow.
And in reply to B's post, while I was supposed to be sleeping, I was actually running a fever, and spent hours trying to get to sleep, and waking at 3am achey, hot and with a sore throat, no fun in an airconditioned hotel room without even a panadol.

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