10 November, 2006



CH2 again
I am home today, studying for (hopefully) my last exam. I quite enjoy the view from my study desk looking out of the tiny window in our attic. I look down on the goings on in our street, admire our garden, and on a clear day like today, can see Centrepoint Tower. At work, my team moved office space. I have a bigger desk and can see outside, I can see trees and have an indication of the weather. I am hoping that I will feel less tired, as the lack of sunlight was becoming quite depressing.

Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing the new office space of Melbourne City Council, CH2. It was a pretty funky looking building, nearly all glass with timber louvres that move to provide shading.

The offices are open plan with even Managers inhabiting a workstation.

office space
The building is green star rated to six stars, and I can attest that with a rotten cold that was getting worse in the airconditioning at the hotel was improved with the fresh air of this building. You could really feel the difference.

I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the building with the workshop I was participating in. There was so much information about the features of the building. How is this for a roof garden space in the CBD though?

roof garden
This is a model of the old/original council building. It is a really beautiful building and this model made of wire is great, it got me thinking whether I could make something like this of our house?

model of the original council building

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