07 November, 2006

husband flashes virgin

plane. I had to laugh when I understood the reason B insisted I have a window seat on my recent trip to Melbourne, and that I look towards the flight tower as the plane took off. My husband is soooo cute, he had parked near the flight tower and waited till my plane was taking off, at which point he flashed the headlights on the car.

In the same way that he sent me off to Melbourne, he welcomed me back, although I am suprised he didn't attract the attention of the authorities, as he was unsure exactly which plane I was on and flashed more than one virgin.

view from my hotel window
The purpose for the flight to Melbourne last week was a work trip however, I did manage to get to a couple of my most favourite shops and also a new one. I will hopefully post some of the photos in the next few days, and if not then next week, as I will be on annual leave to study for my final exam.

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