11 August, 2009

English Royality!

Today, was a Royal Day! After collecting Maggie from Heathrow, we ended up (very much as a last minute) heading west to Windsor, Windsor Castle! It was a cool day, now overcast and getting cooler, but I was so excited about going as I had not been there before. I know that 'L' would have loved to have gone, as in St Georges Chapel there was the most magnificent embroideries!

It did not take us all that long to get there, it looked much further on the map! I quickly went to the ATM to get some cash for the parking meter, and we then headed towards the Castle. When we got to the grounds, we turned left and headed for a Tea House for some lunch first. When we got into the grounds, it was magnificent, wonderful exciting to be in such a place, where the history was so prevalent... Most recently, Charles & Camilla's wedding!

The grounds were superbly manicured (of course) and the Mot Garden had some lovely roses which are within the Mosaic below. There was also some ancient graffiti as well AND some ECO lights (Compact Fluorescent) which I was very impressed with!


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