12 August, 2009

RHS Wisley Gardens

As I said in my all too brief post last night, after a very long day (and a few too many home brewed ales and Maggie's friends...) I was totally exhausted. But I can now tell you of my day!

We started early, and headed for the M25 to head south to Wisley. The Gardens were yet to open, but I could tell be the carpark, it must be a popular spot! I was not wrong either. After getting through the entrance gates, it was like walking into another world. This Garden was WAY better than my last visit of Kew Gardens! Sure, Kew has the History, Science and sheer size, Wisely has the WOW factor and in many ways, a CAMP factor with it being full of color, texture and in general, spunk! Gardens beds of tightly packed Cosmos, other beds full of colour and finely manicure lawns (with please keep off signs, grrrr) were everywhere! I took over nearly 200 photos, of which are in my Flickr account, and I will upload many more when I get home due to batt life and nearing data allowance, but I have done 30 and split them over two mosaic's for ease of viewing.

After that, Maggie took me to where she was living when over here, and her sons grew up until they moved back to Australia in the early '90s. We went to some of her old neighbours, were I was watered with home brew, fed with Moussaka (I picked out the Egg Plant: - YUK!) and had play time with Sally, an 11 month old Pointer who had recently been spayed after her first season. She was a playful pup, already pulled out 4-5 stitch's leaving 3 until next Tuesday, yeah right! I was also taken up to Keith's Allotment garden, which was a fascinating thing to do, eating the wild blackberries along the way...

As I said, a very tiring day. But I am now checked-in for my 26 odd hour flight home via Singapore, and will let you know how I am when I get there. The inbound flight I was told by my friends back home in the industry, left 4 hours late. This worried me as if it keeps this up, we will NOT make the 11pm curfew, so we will wait and see. They are telling me here that we will be departing only 30 mins late... Waiting waiting waiting!


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