25 August, 2009

Mid Life Crisis

Well, OK yes, I might be having a bit of a "mid-life-crisis", but to be honest, I have been thinking about a LOT since April... What will I do, how will I do it, where will I be in x years blah blah blah... So, in some way of trying to figure out all of this, I have figured I am just going to have to get away and clear my head more often. AND, flying away somewhere, albeit for research purposes sometimes, is getting a little expensive!

So, what am I to do? Well, I use to go camping a lot in a life a long time ago, so I thought I might just start going again. But, am not now getting a little to old to pitch a tent, the old back is also getting a little beyond sleeping on an airbed, so after a LOT of research, I have made a PURCHASE!

I am going to go away for a weekend out in the scrub for the October long weekend, and I simply can not wait...


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