06 August, 2009

Gondola’s, Buses & Spanish Food...

Tuesday, saw me slowing down somewhat, and relaxing... Doing the typical ‘tourist’ type stuff now on different modes of transport. I must say here, that I thought the Metro in Santiago was good, and I would have to say that these guys here in Madrid are just as good! It is a much larger network of lines, many MANY more stations moving a LOT more people, but I had no hassles going from A to Z with a lot of stops along the way to view various things and shop!

I headed for the distant An? Station. Here, a short walk to the Terifico Gondola ride, a 2.4klm ride over the city and Parque de Campo. The Parque de Campo is very much like the Mount Annan Botanic Garden it that it is more of a local native collection of plants. It was also very dry and arid!

From the other side of the gondola, I spotted this freaky rollercoaster and amusement park. I have no idea of its name or location, but it looks awesome!

Madrid Rollercoasters, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Returning back, after all it took about 30 mins to cross each way, I headed back into Gran Via to find a local restaurant selling Paella I saw on my first day. This was quite easy to get to and there were many to choose from. And whilst it may not look like the picture advertising (are they ever?), it actually tasted excellent!

Madrid Paella, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Wednesday, I again headed into Gran Via, this time for breakfast of traditional Spanish food (so I was told) of Bacon, Eggs, Sausage (yumm) and Fritas... I also had an OJ and Coffee!

Then it was onto the Madrid Vision, Hop on Hop off style bus. There were two routes, I took both, and took around 90 mins on R1, and 60 on R2. R1 mainly took in the Historic points, whilst R2 was more of the Modern points.

I then headed back to the Hotel for a swim and relaxation, before heading up to the nearby shopping centre where I purchased a second bag to take home all my goodies for family members. I also had some dinner! Yes, MORE food! This time, and this will SHOCK many family and friends back home, was from an ‘all you can eat BUFFET’ for 8.95 Euro. I had a green salad with Horse Radish, Potatoe Salad, Tomatoes and Corn Chips with a Salsa and I added some cheese and shredded boiled egg. It was so YUMM, I went back for seconds! What’s more, I picked it all MYSELF!

So now, it is a matter of packing up, getting a good night’s sleep as I am London bound tomorrow afternoon!


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