24 September, 2005

it's a jungle

A couple of weeks ago, the back corner of our yard looked like this..


and has now progressed to this...

de-foresting the back corner
jungle removal in progress II

Although my favourite bit of our garden at the moment is this....

louisiana iris garden

Although it is a work in progress the brick edging gives an indication of what the rest of the garden will look like. The plan with this little bit of the garden is to plant the Louisiana Iris's purchased yesterday at Sydney in Bloom from the Iris Haven stall.

In this photo, horse poo is in place and the little sandstone bird, also purchased from Sydney in Bloom, which will sit amongst the flowering Iris.

louisiana iris garden II

The brick edging came from a pile of bricks which was amongst the jungle in the back corner and is no doubt from the back wall of the garage, which I guess was removed for ease of access when the previous owners were doing the rear extension. Watch this space as we look for ways to reuse these bricks in our home makeover. There is more than enough bricks for the garden edging, and for some reason the bricky who we have asked to do some steps and a retaining wall avoided committing to there use in this work. We are open to all suggestions?


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