28 February, 2005

should a cat cry over spilt milk???

Or what about L crying over spilt coffee????

Ok, you now need to create a mental picture, ok!!

Your sitting down in a 'Posh Nth Shore' coffee shop (see last post)...

You are dressed in a nice crisp white dress ready to go into the 'Posh Nth Shore' shop and then later in the afternoon to 'B's specialist...

You are thorughly enjoying a coffee with a cinnamon roll...

You are sipping at you coffee, and (insert expletive ........ HERE!!!) it spills all over you front, even into your lap!!

Now, rather embarrassed, we leave somewhat hurriedly to the car to fully gauge the damage, and yes you guessed it, disaster has run rife with a coffee stain about the size of Tasmania on the dress!!!

Now what comes next is the icing on the cake, as we had come that far, yes we did do a packed lunch ALL the way over the the Nth Shore, and we were not to leave empty handed so off to the shop we go. But wait, it was rather crowded, so we retreat to the comfort of a rather large tree that will give us a strategic view of the ladies leaving the shop, allowing us to gain entry without being noticed by the passing crowds. Once we had gained entry, with handbag strategically placed too I might add, we surveyed the store and located items to be purchased with minimal fuss when all of a sudden, DAMN, a lovely shop assistant came to assist. We engaged in dialogue for some minutes, when we had to let the cat out of the bag and disclose that L has had a 'Cappucino' malfunction... Laughs were had by all, purchases made, and a hasty exit back to the car and we were once again homeward bound!

So yes, dear readers, it is ok to cry over spilt coffee as L did today, even if it was tears of laughter AFTER the event!!

please read disclaimer first!!

Disclaimer: Views expressed in the following blog, are NOT those of the writer, but in fact the writers (ex)brother!

Put another strike against the brother from hell! Last night, when calling the mother to see how she was, and I get loaded up with questions about bloody land tax!!!

When I tried to express my thoughts, for what it was worth as when ever I have something to say, it is assured that he will go the opposite, I get forever spoken-over, so the easiest thing is to just hang up!! This is a common thing mind you, so don't be surprised!!!

Anyway, when I open up my email this morning, there it is, an email from him titled 'Thank you' and I thought, hang on, who stole my brother as he has never had anything to say about me that is nice, EVER!!!!

Well upon opening it, it was full of utter CRAP! Yep that's right, outright rubbish! And what's more, he goes on to say 'how I fell about us Western Suburbs Type', well hello, I was born in the bloody western suburbs and still live in the western surburbs you idiot!!

Now, to protect those of you who live north of the western surburbs, I will not go on to saying what he said about you, but bring it on, let me out of the WESTERN SUBURBS if it is self centered idiots like him in there!!!

Anyway, enough ranting and raving, I want some good news.....

So tell me about it and I will tell everyone else as I have nothing other to say but I will be having surgery in April, either the 5th after L's littlest sister's wedding on the 2nd, or on the 19th!

27 February, 2005

quilting injuries

I have almost finished the rose gingham quilt....

quilt quality control in progress

In Saturday's class, I pinned... and only a small amount of blood was spilt (when I stuck a safety pin into my finger, as the blood did not come immediately I did not realise until it smudged a corner of the quilt).

The larger amount of blood was yet to come whilst machine quilting, and you guessed it, I sewed through the side of my finger. So that was the end of quilting for Saturday.

the quilting process (before sewing my finger)

Managed a few DVD's over the weekend - The Terminal, excellent and thoroughly recommended, and Exorcist, The Beginning, absolute rubbish.

22 February, 2005

anyone for cake?

it comes highly recommended by the non-approved taste tester, who has been banished to the backyard for his gluttonous sampling. Before accepting this generous invitation for a piece of cake, I feel it my duty to advise that since being tasted, it can not be guaranteed that all pieces will conform to public health standards.

cake take 1

If however, you would like to wait, a second cake is currently under production and will be served tomorrow, morning tea time at B's work. Happy Birthday, Stevie.

And B, the taste tester asks for your forgiveness, and has apologised to me for eating my breakfast this morning.

19 February, 2005

Busy day

Cleaned carpets first thing, washed dog, attended quilting class, visited IKEA, and hung out with A.

It has been a very satisfying day.

My quilt is nearing completion.....

Nearly finished my quilt...

And I love this cushion, which I found at IKEA, it is all embroidered, and right in the centre is a Blue Bird which reminded me of the Bluebird of happiness, and embroidery my mum did many, many years ago.

Bluebird of happiness

18 February, 2005

Stitches and Craft

This was the first day spent with mum in ages. She has been busy with Christmas, school holidays and the littlest sisters wedding and I have been busy with work, uni and being moody.

(BTW I've been asked to do a reading at the littlest sisters wedding, so am over my moody. For now anyway.)

SOOOO, it was with much anticipation that a day was planned for an outing at the Stitches and Craft Show at Rosehill. If it wasn't so good to have mum all to myself for a change, I think I would have asked for my entry fee back. I wouldn't really, but you know what I mean. I don't think we have been to the February one before, and I don't think I will bother again in the future. There wasn't much there and what was there seemed all the same. The highlight of the Show was bumping into A(milly-molly-manda).

Aside: Too many A's for friends, it was discovered that this A was named by her mother after one of my mothers favourite children's books (Milly Molly Mandy, by Joyce Lankester Brisley). This all came out over a discussion about maps - don't ask.

The day was not completely a shopping disaster however, as I made the following purchases at a shop in Willoughby.

tiny tired elephants...

Indian rolling pin

And actually, it wasn't a craft disaster either as the backing fabric for the Rose Gingham Quilt arrived from Ballarat patchwork today, ready for quilting class tomorrow.

17 February, 2005

snippets of discussion

Heard about this site? It might make you laugh....it did me and I can be a moody cow.

The purpose of the site is described by its makers as

"...dedicated to the English language, that complex tongue spoken by a large chunk of the world's population and by several communities in the American South. Specifically, it's dedicated to unusual quotes, strange statements, bad writing and other oddities of the language. Things that are funny because of the specific choice of words. Things that sound great because of the context, or that sound even better when given no context at all. (Like the name of the site, for example.) "

Go check it out, wemadeoutinatreeandthisoldguysatandwatchedus.

14 February, 2005


Tiffin? n (in India) a light meal, esp. at midday. According to my 'Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus 21st Century Edition'.

Although refers to a purchase off wishlist made last week (after eyeing off the Sister-in-Laws one), and arrived today.

my 'Tiffin'!

Don't say you don't learn something from this site.

11 February, 2005

birthdays, beach and babies

With eleven days between postings, quite a bit has happened.

8-11 days ago

study partner

My time was consumed with studying for an exam, which incidentally was horrendous. Although on the eleventh day, after my exam we found a house we liked, and might be moving.

7 days ago
We had an appointment for electrical conductivity tests on B's back, this was not pleasant but he was strong and stayed brave. Met with the bank, looked through the house for the second time. Visited mum and dad and stayed for dinner, an indian banquet.

5-6 days ago

On the beach at Budgewoi

Went up the coast to stay at the Next Sister Down's Beach House and celebrated dad's B'day on the Sunday. It was a great weekend, A was able to join us, and she provides a good rundown at Blue Monkey Jammies.

keeping watch, Macc the lifedog

4 days ago
Munchkin1 (of Blue Monkey Jammies fame) had her birthday which, she now shares with Special Friend P and husband M's new baby. Welcome Liam Mustafa, and congratulations P and M.

3 days ago
Visited Special Friend P, husband M and little Liam.

new fence

Also this week, we got a new fence which ment that Macc got a sleepover with L and C. We didn't get much notice that the fence was to be erected and as our yard was exposed for most of the week. B managed a couple of days at home to keep the pooch indoors but L and C came to the rescue at short notice on the days that B had no choice but to go to work.