29 June, 2009

A few visits...

On Saturday, I was on my way into Darling Harbour to a trade show for photographers and the like (seen many times in adds on TV, heard on the radio, so it had to be good...) and I was glad that I registered and got free entry! I called into A&S on the way to see if they wanted to come along as well. After a couple of hours (A had a 'hang-over') of hanging with the kids, and lunch, we headed in. NOT to mention, I decided to do this rather than attend to the forgotten garden, as rain was forecast. TIP: NEVER rely on the weather forecasters, it didn't rain!

Sunday, I went to the Cemetery to visit L. Nothing much has changed there, it is still a very peaceful location and all you can hear is the creek running a mere couple of meters away... The wording for her plaque is finished, all I have to do is send it to them to have it cast and installed. We have also decided in placing a photo of her as well. This will take some 6-8 weeks as it has to go to Italy to get done!

Today, I went and visited my friend, F, and her daughter in hospital. Poor little 2yo T is in as they try to clear a blockage... She has been in a fair bit of pain, understandably, for a while, and it was picked up in a sleep study done a few months ago. She was blocked up all the way through her bowel, colon and through her intestines! Any wonder she was in pain! They were admitted LAST Monday, with a 'probable discharge by Thursday. Well, now it is 'hopefully tomorrow', but lets wait and see...

SO, tomorrow WILL be a day of catching up on the garden, at least, I hope so!


26 June, 2009

A short trip to Melb & more travels afoot...

I have been meaning to post about my recent trip to Melbourne for the Awards where 'L' (and her work) were nominated for her Annual Report! Whilst they did not win, they got two Silver Awards though and lost to the overall winner on the night! It was a fabulous night all the same! Whilst I was 'down south' I got to go out to St Kilda, caught a few good shots, shopped along Acland St (well know for it's bakeries... YUMM!) and visited Uncle P & K!

St Kilda Jetty, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
St Kilda Bench, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

There was even a fantastic 'Pirate Ship' too!!!

St Kilda Pirate Ship, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

In other news, I finally finished organising my trip to the Turf Conference in Santiago today. It is going to be a much bigger trip than originally planned as I am now going to Auckland, Santiago, (12 nights), Madrid (5 nights), London (5 nights) and then home via Bangkok. I have sent across my registration details, and as it will be winter in Santiago, the Conference Tour I have booked myself onto, is up into the Andes Ski Fields!!! I can't wait to go, it is a mear 3 weeks away!!!


24 June, 2009

Thank you...

Firstly, I have to say 'Thank You' to McDonalds for providing the free 'hot-spot' so as I can do this blog...

Secondly, I also have to say a big 'THANK YOU' to my lovely neighbours, D&L, whom presented me with dinner last night, Spaghetti Bolognaise.

A special 'Thank you' (not) for the weather... You see, I finally had the energy/inclination to do something in the yard today, in an effort to make it look as though someone cared for/lived in the house... No sooner had I started, and then it started to rain... Since getting back from the UK last month, I think I could count on one hand the amount of days that we have had sunshine, is it no wonder I am depressed?! So, I went back inside... After scanning some documents for insurance purposes, I got a very good email from my Tax Accountant, our returns (last year, and there is only 6 days left of this fiscal year...) were complete and ready for signing... So 'Thank You'!

After signing the paperwork, I headed to see L, and against the signage at the entrance, shhhh, I took Mr M along for the ride! He was such a good fellow in the back of the car, always wanting his head out the window. So from Mr M to me, he says 'Thank You' for the car trip!

And finally, 'Thank You' goes to the SIL for inviting me over for dinner and to watch the State of Origin football... The regular interstate rivalry continues tonight... Shucks, is that the time, I had better scoot along!

17 June, 2009

What's Happening??

What's happening I hear you ask... Well, a lot!

Firstly, with regards to my last post, it did not last long... On Wednesday, I had a 'moment' which meant I had to leave, there and then at lunch time. I simply could not stay any longer, I was not really in the right frame of mind to be at work, but more so, I had to be at home, in bed, and I found myself just looking at some photo's... I have ow booked myself in to speak with someone, and talk about how I am feeling, desperately lost, no enthusiasm and barely sleeping or eating.

A return to more regular blogging WILL return shortly, and I will let you know what happens after my visit this afternoon...


10 June, 2009

Back to work I go...

Well, its happened... I have gone back to work!
I went to work yesterday, although it was incredibly hard, and it was as though it was only the day before I had left! There was nothing changed on my desk, no pile of stuff to do but the only problem I had was that whilst I was away, they had updated the PABX phone lines and I had to reset my password & Welcome message!
It was hard to get out of bed, not so much that I didn't want to go, but that it was a cold morning... Truth be know, I didn't really want to go, but it was something that had to be done... Everyone was great, and whilst there was only a couple of people 'dancing around' the issue (and I reminded them that it was not necessary), all went well.
I had to drop off my car to the mechanic to have some work done on it yesterday afternoon, which meant, for the first time in ages, that I had to get a train to work. I did not pick a very good day to do this, as it was the first day of a really cold snap, which made it even harder to get out of bed, out of the house and walk to the station. The walk was good, fresh VERY fresh, but pleasant enough. There was this old chap on the platform who I noticed he seemed to know everyone who walked past. That was until I noticed a young lady leave him rolling her eyes and shaking her head; but still had a smile about the conversation they had just had. He went from discussing the safety of upcoming planned track work (to the young lady), to his non event fishing day (he would rather go to the station and talk to strangers???...) where he knows of this little spot where no one else knows... Sounds a bit fishy to me (pardon the pun).
First thing I noticed when stepping onto the train was the fact that there were seats available... This was almost never the case when I was commuting by train before! The only thing I did notice, and was not overly impressed with, was as the train filled up on its city bound trip, was a guy in a couple of rows ahead of me sitting in the middle of a seat not moving to let anyone else sit there... A bit rude I think, do you?

05 June, 2009

Just Stuff Really...

I have now been home since last Friday, and I have been really busy in that time... Paying bills, catching up on house work and getting ready for this trip to Melbourne for the ARA Awards. Somebody had her Annual Report nominated for an award, and whilst it did not get up, the organisation that one the category (Communications) actually won the top award for the night! So they were beaten simply by a better report... It was wonderful to have been short listed with the type of organisations that were in the room really! Melbourne is a lovely city, lots of Heritage and I will get some photos to share...
I left Sydney this morning in a real 'Pea Soup'... She was so heavily fog bound that the airport was closed for a while, but we were able to get out as a couple of others did, due to it lifting a little. I did hear that delays were felt all across the network by several hours. Upon arrival, I went to get my car, and found out that I will be driving around in a much bigger version. I would normally post some photo's, but guess who forgot to pack the lead that uploads them off the camera...
In other news, I will be calling the Spa company when I get back as I am NOT a happy camper at the moment... When I got back from overseas, I started it up, put some chemicals in and got it underway. When I went to check it a little while later, one pump was not working. Now here's the thing, BOTH pumps have been replaced in the nearly 12 months we have had it! But in more concerning matters, it is now 'tripping' the fuse, so there has to be something major wrong with it. Luckily for me, it is still well and truly under warranty...
Talk soon, and take care...