29 December, 2005

activity advent in review

it was just too frantic to report on the activities as they happened, so instead here they are (even though some marked '*' didn't actually happen), and the double ups will be explained here, although a quick reminder B is the odd numbers and I am the even numbers:-
  1. lets go shopping at Castle Hill
  2. DVD Night choosing from list on L's PDA
  3. Breakfast in bed and Christmas Cards
  4. Breakfast at Summer Hill
  5. Give L a massage tonight
  6. Have a picnic in the Backyard (this was great fun but I think the neighbours and their friends thought we were mad, it looked like they had the bible reading crowd over)
  7. Give each other their favourite flower (I really liked this one, I was suprised with a hand delivered bunch of Oriental Lillies mid morning, as B was passing through on his way to a meeting, he really lucked out on this one though I couldn't find a heliconia anywhere. B ended up with a printout from the computer)
  8. Take Macc for a walk to see Christmas lights and special garden *
  9. Milkshakes at Cronulla *
  10. Fish markets for breakfast, lunch or tea *
  11. Spoil L
  12. Do Christmas cards and tree
  13. Put up the Christmas tree
  14. Go out for Gelato
  15. Walk Macc down and around the Park*
  16. we seem to have lost the envelope for this one
  17. Gelato in Parramatta *
  18. again, we seem to have lost the envelope for this one
  19. Paint our nails (toes) *
  20. Go our for Gelato *
  21. This ones a secret, this is a PG site, and besides it didn't happen *
  22. Paint each others toenails *
  23. Christmas lights * we had already down this a couple of days before with the favourite brother, nephew and mum
  24. Christmas lights * same excuse as 23

In review we didn't seem to get round to quite a few of the activities, however it was a lot of fun doing the ones we did, and opening the envelope each morning. Definitely something to do next Christmas.

04 December, 2005

I'm loving these activities

Day 3 called for breakfast in bed, except the pantry was bare, so we had a cup of tea in bed and got breakfast on the go instead.

Day 4 called for breakfast in Summer Hill. I had French Toast Brioche with raspberries, mascapone and maple syrup (yum), and B went for the usual big brekkie fry-up minus the mushrooms which he gave to me. I don't mind saying myself that this was an especially good advent calendar activity as it gave me the chance to check out Reclaim.

Apart from our advent activities we achieved a fair bit this weekend - the side of the house got painted in murobond banksia and the back doors undercoated.

03 December, 2005

I passed

1 subject to go!

02 December, 2005

lunch with A

today I had lunch with A, she had a free day and chose to share a couple of hours with me. It was great, people should have their friends visit them in their lunch break more often. We went to a new noodle place where you choose the type of noodles you want (in my case Hokkien), style (thai), and protein (combination seafood, chicken and beef). We sat and talked, and talked and watched the pedestrians pass by, then had a quick look at the new shops in Westfield.

This evening B and I will be undertaking Day 2 of the activity advent calendar - a DVD night watching a movie from my list of movies to see.

PS. the movies for our dvd night were Mona Lisa Smile, and The Notebook

01 December, 2005

borrowed ideas

those who know me, know that I am a bit of a bah humbug when it comes to Christmas. Having a birthday exactly two weeks before Christmas day, I have a few simple rules; we don't do anything Christmassy, put up the Christmas tree or send out the Christmas cards before my Birthday, and I will not be grateful for a combined Birthday/Christmas present unless you make it really, really good.

This year however, I have softened, we have adopted the idea of an activity advent calendar. I first saw this in Notebook (my new fave magazine), and was prompted into action after reading Loobylu's list which B had also read, and was extremely keen to do. So with a slight twist, I was allocated the even dates (Dec 2, 4, 6, etc) and B the odd dates (Dec 1, 3, 5, etc) to assign a specific activity, that remains a secret until the envelope for that day is opened.

So unlike those from whom we have borrowed the idea, I cannot list the activities upfront, instead I will reveal them as they happen. I can see that this may cause us some problems, particularly if we get an invitation to do something, as I have already forgotten many of the activities for my days. So we shall see how we go....

Today, being the first day of the activites, I can reveal that a trip to Castle Towers Shopping Centre was undertaken with the highlight of the evening being coffee and cake at Gatoni's, and what a cake... Raspberry Delight, we are off to a good start and I am won with this activity advent calendar. I think this could be something we do all year around.

Rasberry Delight

Rasberry Delight 2