24 November, 2009

Thank you Mr GPS...

nokia 6110 navigator, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

I would like to thank my GPS (built into my Nokia 6110 Navigator) for my trip today... For without it, I would have gotten to my destination a LOT quicker! It has been mentioned before, by my brother-in-law, that I may resemble somewhat of a walking street directory. I might even agree at times, but today I had my GPS on, primarily for those pesky red light and speed cameras that the NSW Government try to pass off as 'Revenue Raisers for the Annual Ball' 'Speed Deterrents'! But I put in a location as well, just for fun.

Anyway, it took me off a major road, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES just to put me back onto it a couple of blocks down the road!!! And, in the duck and weave in the back streets (yes I saw some fantastic houses, but that is another story), it then made me having to cross a major road at an intersection with no traffic lights and it felt like ages trying to get out as well! grrrr....

I was so glad to get to my location, just to be out of the car (and into the rain) to find out just why, Waterfall (just before the descent of the Illawarra escarpment) is just named after 3 days of 40+ heat... The rain, was Water Fall(ing)!!


20 November, 2009

Another part gone...

Today, we said another farewell to some more of L... I donated her more formal clothes (work and evening) to an organisation called 'Suited for work. We, her parents and I, last week went through all of it and sorted it all into piles of shirts, skirts, pants and dresses. They were in the second bedroom. All of the boxes of shoes were also sorted into groups as well! I was going to take a photo of it all, but alas, I forgot... Sorry! (picture is linked to their website IF you want to have a look at them...)

Suited For Work, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

So today, they came and collected what they wanted (which was most of it). Now, whilst it says 'Women helping other women build self esteem and gain Independence', I feel honoured that she is still making a difference by her clothes helping the cause. More so, as her work has also done a clothing drive, as she had talked about this program at work, so I now feel more confident, that I have done the right thing...

After that, we (L's parents and I) went up to the Hills district to look for the tree for the front yard to remember L. It was awfully hot, the cars thermometer at one point said it was 44c, so we called it a day and came home for lunch. Storms are now rolling through and it is a little cooler, but humidity has gone through the roof!! ------

19 November, 2009

Spa Repair

As it is getting hotter in town, and after doing a water change last week, the spa developed a problem... The circulation pump, which actually pumps water through the filter, went 'belly-up'! So I took it out, and off I went to the Poll and Spa shop only to find out that, even though the parent company Monarch, had gone out of business, the circulation pump was actually a cheap Chinese import, and that a NEW one (that will not match existing plumbing OR union joints) will need to be sourced, grrrrrr!

So the search began (by the pool shop) to find a newbie, and I headed on my way. That was Tuesday. This morning though, with the temp heading north of 35 today and 40+ over the next two days, I got a call telling me my pump was in, an Aussie one and everything will match up, YEAH!

So I drove to the shop, and the first thing I saw was that the end of the electrical cable was wrong, but I think I can make do with that... Simply open up the electrical box and swap it for the one on the old pump, right? Simple? Sure was!!!

Old (left)_New (right), originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Inside spa circ pump removed, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Spa Circuit Board, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Job Finished, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

As you can see, the Supervisory Cat was on duty...

Watch Cat, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Whilst all of this was going on, me outside in the heat, where was Macc? Asleep of course (and I dare not startle him, as his head is UNDER the TV cabinet!

Sleepy Macc, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.


16 November, 2009

It's nearly harvest time!

It's nearly harvest time!!! But, some I will get and some I may not see... Ho hum! I planted the tomato's at the start of the season, just 3... I thought that would be enough for just me! I then thought of what else, so I planted some corn as well! Both of them have really kick on! The corn has started to set its 'ears' and the tomato's are nearing ready to harvest, just starting to blush.

Vege Patch, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
YUMM Tomato , originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Today, I also headed on a road trip, up north... This was a hard trip to make as it was a service to farewell little Lewis who died last week, just 11 days old. Whilst it was a sombre service, his parents were incredibly strong throughout, and I was honoured to be there. We (EB girls and I) gave them a standard Rose, Mother's Love, which was very fitting we thought... Fly free little man!


10 November, 2009

Trying to stay ... OK!

Sunday, after doing the Schnitzel Challenge the night before, I was feeling a little so so (mentally, NOT sick or anything... just a bit flat), so I decided to go for a drive. I ended up heading up to the Nth Beaches and I found myself at Mona Vale. Not for any reason at all, it is just where I ended up stopping!

After sitting on the beach, pondering (not to mention getting wet as it was showering a little) I then headed for my other little spot and did a bit of 'spotting' at the airport. It is a well know little spot for spotting, but it is quite 'hidden' within the two parallel runways of Sydney Airport. I had been there for about 30-45mins, when this little black 4wd turned the corner, and OMG, it was friends of mine, D&A, with little B! They had been on a little adventure and low and behold, they found me!! This is not the first time this has happened either, when a few months ago, LH and her family had also driven there to pick-up another family member! Also, a couple of weeks back, D A were at at Hungry Jacks for a breakfast, and another mutual friend also happened to be there... WHAT ARE THE CHANCES???!!! lol

Anyway, Monday found us sorting through Lou's clothes and to try and find some missing bits of jewellery. It was a tough day, for both the MIL & FIL, and I tried so hard to keep it together. We went to the club for lunch and had the Buffet, which was really nice. It sort of picked us up a little. We went back past the townhouse where the Jacarandas were in full bloom, and even the White ones, before heading for home. We found almost all of the jewellery (Bolder Opal earring's yet to find) and I said farewell to M&J. Here is where it got tough, REAL tough. I ended up walking through the house, seeing all of her precious things out on display, and all of her work clothes, in piles (shirts, skirts, suits and dresses) and I fell into a blubbering mess. I was this way for about 30 mins, before pulling myself together as I had to meet up with a friend who had just had her first baby, a little girl, but my feelings of 'lost' and 'loneliness' came flooding back when I got back from the hospital... I went to see my GP today, and we have changed a few things, and set up some strategies to cope with it all. It is all a matter of all of the legal stuff, the sorting of stuff and her due day coming up, but I am trying (hard) to stay OK!


08 November, 2009

Schnitzle House Challenge: - FAIL!

Last night, we went to the Austrian SchnitzleHaus, to have dinner... It was actually have the Schnitzel Challenge, and I was somewhat scared, VERY scared!

From their website:

Do you love schnitzel ?Are you able to beat the challenge and eat our Giant Schnitzel ?$ 55.00

  • Fastest times set - 17 mins!
  • 1 Kg Schnitzel with chips and sauce of your choice
  • 1 Litre of Beer (Erdinger weissbier or Stiegl Beer)
  • Essential ...Bookings only for the Challenge... !!!
  • Select either Chicken or Pork
  • We are unable to offer the challenge without Pre-Ordering


  • The challenge is to be completed in 1 hour.
  • All the food on the plate,except garnish is to be eaten
  • NO sharing with anyone !!!!!!!
  • If you throw up.... you're out of the contest .
  • Finish the beer
  • Finish it all and you'll get a FREE Dessert, a T -Shirt, a Schnapps and your Picture on our "Champions "Wall of fame"!
  • No sharing or Take aways

Naturally we needed to ensure we had a 'dedicated driver' (thanks Sam) and as both Max & Will could not eat the Schnitzel, they (and mum) had the Meat Platter which looked amazing as well! Beers arrived and it was at this point I thought, What on EARTH have I done?

Bernie Alex Beer, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Soon after, 'Cow Bells' started to ring and a fan fair as our platters arrived... OMG!

OMG Schnitzle Challenge Begins, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

There was 4, YES 4, Schnitzel's on the plate. After about 15 mins in, and wonder how on earth did someone finish it all in 17 mins, I was beginning to feel very full... Looking at Alex, he had started to look a little, well, 'seedy' and a bit 'green'! Sam, on the other hand was laughing and snickering, but also being a 'little' compassionate!!!

OMG Schnitzle Challenge, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
OMG Schnitzle Challenge Alex, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

At the 40min mark, I had called it a day, as with Alex. He at least got up and went for a walk, and the interest from the fellow customers in the restaurant was huge (not to mention the shear SIZE of the meal!). Both Max & Will had a Chocolate Mousse for dessert, and we left feeling rather bloated, to go home and watch Iron Chef, oh dear!!!

Max Choc Mousse, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
William Choc Mousse, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.