30 December, 2004

oh macc!!!!!

What can you say when you have a goloptic Greyhound!!!

Young Macc was comfortable upstairs on our bed, (or so I thought) when I heard this almighty CRY!!!!!!

Upon going upstairs, I looked at Macc, and he was not looking his 'normal' self. He looked as though he was in pain! When I took a closer look, his front right jew claw (sorry if this is not the right spelling/word for this occasion) was at 90 degrees to where it should be, and he was now licking at it in an attempt to not let me see it.

So, I thought, here we go again for an afternoon trip up to Uncle Allen (local Vet) for another payment for his services!!!!

We were all (Macc, Joe L and I) waiting in the waiting room, when 2 other ladies came in with a cat each in a box. Both Macc and Joe went and said their hellos, and when Uncle Al called, it was Macc and me into the operating theatre. After a brief look, prognoosis made, and a tactical approach to it removal was complete, Erin (vet nurse) went out to the waiting room and told all and sundrie to block ears and to come back in another hour!!

Then, with a quick clip of the HUGE nail clippers, it was all over, not to mention a huge call for help from Macc!!! A bright green bandage in place, medication given, and a treat for being a good patient, and we were once again off to the register with Amex in hand!!!

Sympathy please!!

He is now at home recuperating with dinner in bed, and looking very sorry for himself.

28 December, 2004

its all in the smell.... but what's the smell???

Well, it happened again this morning. L, after washing her hair, left it sort of slightly wet, just toweled dry. The only problem here was the fact that it sent the boys (2x2yo GH) wild with them trying to muzzle their way into her long golden locks. It is really quite funny, dogs going everywhere, sort of like an aphrodisiac!!

Joe is now well and truly settled in, with no problems at all!!

Hoo Roo

25 December, 2004

christmas day drive

the day started with a (30 minute) drive to B's mums for breakfast. Presents were exchanged, a family photo and a chance to get a few minutes viewing of the 'how to' channel on Foxtel and we were on the road again.

Santa's little helpers take a nap

With the battery on the camera going flat it was a trip to my family home via our place (1-1.5 hours). More presents, lots more food (lunch, dinner and endless snacking in between), as well as a walk to the park and back with the dogs. It was a great day, relaxing with our families.

christmas table 2004

And as if we hadn't done enough driving for the day, our trip home (45 minutes) took in a detour (15 minutes) along Pennant Hills Rd where I can vouch, A's place rivals the later day saints' amazing display.

24 December, 2004

christmas lights

we didn't actually get around to putting up the Christmas Tree this year even though I really wanted to, something to do with too much study, and other lame excuses. I had purchased some new decorations from Grok that will now have to wait till next year. I also didn't around to the last minute shop at Westfield, Parramatta, something to do with being too tired Thursday PM. We did however, make the trek to Maple St, Lugarno with A, D and their girls, for Christmas lights. It was a trip well worth it; spectacular lights complete with lots of people, its own radio station playing Christmas carols dispersed with commentary to divert your attention from the queue of traffic km's long, that is following signposted directions and closely mangaged by the SES.

Champagne glass

a bit too much champagne

elves at work

Thomas the Tank Engine with Santa

23 December, 2004

welcome slow joe


We have a temporary addition to our household, a gorgeous blue fawn greyhound boy. This is our first time at fostering and everything has gone incredibly smoothly. I was a little anxious as to how Macc would take to having to share us with another greyhound, but as you can see from the photo you couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

I couldn't be happier!

My other concern was with Jasmine the cat, but Joe was not really interested in her, and his gentle calm manner quickly reassured her so she was happy to walk up to him and rub noses.

So far we know that Joe is two years old, very pretty, perhaps a little too skinny (but he is a greyhound), is an excellent passenger in the car, quiet, doesn't pull on the lead (Macc please take note), is cat friendly, and very affectionate.

I like Macc's bed

19 December, 2004

a good weekend

my weekend started at noon on Friday. The week before Christmas we get an early mark to attend the work Christmas Party or just get in some last minute shopping. In my case it was to get home for a K-Mart delivery. As luck would have it, even though we were the first to book in for the Friday afternoon timeslot (1pm - 7pm), the delivery guy didn't get to us until 7pm. I was really glad I hadn't booked the La Premiere seats for Lemony Snicket's. It could have been worse however, the guy still had more deliveries to get done. It was quite good he didn't get to our place actually, I was able to catch up with my statistics study, the only study managed this weekend. What was not so good was I didn't get around to getting anything for B for our wedding anniversary. And before terrible thoughts are cast my way, the plan was to get down to the shops once the delivery guy had been, but the shops were shut by the time he got here and there was the small issue of me being carless on Saturday, which thwarted my attempts to make up for Friday. Enough said on that though, except sorry B.

Last night A, Maggie, B and I went to the Carols in the Domain. We caught up with Annali (Hi Annali, she told me she reads this. It's so comforting to know that there is an audience, I think we're up to 4) and her friends. Carols was Fantastic, I liked this one even better than last year's. We had great seats as usual, in the VIP area, just metres from the stage. I caught up with the next sister down (NSD), she was with the littlest sister, their partners and friends mingling with the masses. The NSD came down to see us, B and A visited them in their spot when they went in search of Pavlova (which was very yummy, by the way). B got some great photos....

Carols 2004

so close we could see Guy Sebastions nasal hairs.

We love the Wiggles including Henry the Octopus

Carols Finale

We did the candle thing this time around (thanx A), although A and I were a hazard to ourselves with the whole flame and wax thing.

Today, we had the family (and that includes A) over for lunch, again another good day. The NSD made the cutest cupcakes, I was going to get a photo of the sole remaining one, but B has informed me that he has just eaten it. They were iced pink or white with a frangipani made from marshmallow on the top. Very clever.

All this fun has to stop however, even though my weekend has another day. Tomorrow I must get back to the books. I will take time out though to enjoy the latest addition to our garden...

our first waterlily

13 December, 2004

12 Days to Christmas

With 12 days to Christmas, I have finished the '12 Days of Christmas' wall hanging I started last year but gave up on when I realised it was not going to be finished in time for Christmas 2003.

12 Days of Christmas....

Inspired by Loobylu's Month of Softies and wanting to participate, I remembered this wall hanging and got to work. With added incentive and the assistance of Ann from Patch last Saturday, it got finished. And thanx to the Gum tree out back shedding a few branches I had something to hang it from.

11 December, 2004

35 today!!!!

Well L turned 35 today! And this is what I got her!

Francis Francis birthday present!!

She has only been after one since like, forever!!!!

We have just gotten back from dinner with A. An over indulgence of a seafood platter at Caminetto, and I now have the hiccups (5th time today) and I am well and truly OVER IT!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

10 December, 2004

I finished the fish!

Tapestry Trout From UK

This morning I finished the tapestry trout that I had purchased in kit form from Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell, England earlier this year! It was quite a relief, I don't like to put a project away until it is finished, otherwise I fear from past experience it may never get done. As it has been quite hot and today also humid, it was getting a little uncomfortable to be working with wool. I have some ideas about how it will be finished off, but that can wait until the autumn.

I hope to finish another project tomorrow; a 12 Days of Christmas wall hanging I started last year but didn't get finished in time for Christmas. I had completed the applique and stitching of it but didn't get the backing done. I lost interest in it when Christmas day came round, however my interest in it has been renewed with loobylu's 'a month of softies' challenge which this month is themed Holiday Hang-ups.

05 December, 2004

not quite a partridge in a pear tree....

and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee, (well nearly!!)

Today, on the way to Meroo to visit Alistair's open garden, we had to do a double back flip when we saw it!!!

It was lovely, just standing there minding its own business when we drove by, we broke as if we were a 747 jet landing, screamed back, another 'u' turn all whilst getting the old digi cam out and started clicking away like Japanese tourist's!!! After a couple of minutes, (we think it got jack of it, or it wanted to start charging us a fee...) it hoped off the fence and started heading for the shade. WOW!

After another hour or so, we finally made it to Berry. This was just as well, as the famous Berry Markets were on (damn, I thought, all the money saved from L not being on eBay is BOUND to be spent here)!! And your right, "she did it again" (sounds a bit like a Kylie song doesn't it??!!??) After a couple of Noddy books, some Bromeliad's and with L buying a pair of Chenille SHORTS (see below), we left a lot poorer.


We then had some lunch and headed for Fair View, Meroo....


It was such a lovely garden, and whilst L hates Canna's, she just had to have one. We are now going to plant out the kids playground in them after seeing Alistair's inspiration with his planting, especially as though they don't really need to much attention as our gardener here is TERRIBLE!!! (not me of course, the one that gets paid to mow weeds!


28 November, 2004

the week and weekend that was

... work
... work, although with a difference, had to attend a function (Green Globe Awards) at Parliament House in the evening so left work at lunch time and got a few other work related things done on the way there which included dropping off my presentation for Wednesday to the organisers at Five Dock, and visiting GROK and Oxfam to collect items for an educational display for Christmas.

I really love Grok and am planning a trip back to collect some things for Christmas presents. They sell a lot of things that you can get from Indigo Arts only they are in Australia. I particularly like the Recycled Plastic Bag Chickens and the Telephone Wire Baskets.

Plastic Bag Chicks

... spent the day in the City as I gave a presentation regarding the study tour to the Excellence in the Environment Awards

... work

... flex spent at home catching up on uni work, then into the 'warehouse sale' once B got home from work, where we knocked over most of the Christmas shopping, and also bumped into the two sisters. Once the shopping was completed the 'next sister down', B and I went for dinner at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel.

... B and I had our photos taken, viewed a couple of open homes, and more progress was made on the gingham rose quilt.

... spent gardening, studying, shopping and had a visit from B's mum.

21 November, 2004

meandering the moonlight market

is a great way to welcome in the weekend. It was decided that we needed to get out and 'do something' so Friday I caught the train to the city and met up with B after work. The weather was a bit threatening but we weren't going to let that put us off. We were off to The Rocks Moonlight Market. We had a lovely time mixing with the masses, perusing the stalls, and listening to the live band.

We had dinner at Caminetto Italian Restaurant and also managed a couple of shops which were in the building adjacent The Rocks Market and included Rockit (a store that sells fantastic vintage clothing and other stuff). We first visited Rockit when it was situated in Katoomba, and were not sure where it had gone once it closed up there, so it was really great to find it this evening.

Saturday, B went to uni and I went to patchworking, where progress was made on the gingham rose quilt all be it a bit slow.

Sunday, was lunch at Nan's for Christine's and my birthday. It wasn't really either of our birthday's but it had been decided to hold them both at this time due to us having our birthday's so close to Christmas.

17 November, 2004

dinner with friends

last night we had dinner with A&B in Parramatta at Punjab House. It is always good catching up with friends and last night was no exception.

We had great food,
......the banquet was ordered, which is a real feast consisting of an entree and all you can eat curries; so B was happy he got his butter chicken, I got my lamb sagwaal (lamb and spinach) and by general consensus we also ended up with Rogan Josh, naan, naan and more pappadums.

......A&B brought really nice wine, which I feel terrible about as we forgot to thank them for it. I am making a mental note to remember to bring the wine next time.

and conversation.
......there was much to discuss, including A & B's recent trip to fiji, and my favourite catching up with the goings on of B's (not my B's) family (are you following this?). B has a really interesting family, so much is always going on.

Well, we ate, drank and conversed till 3 of us (those with the regular hours) started to get the yawns, B (not my B) being the only one not yawning.

14 November, 2004

rhubarb, rhubarb


our rhubarb has been growing out of control, so having just harvested a huge handfull we shall be having rhubarb for dessert. Yummo!

It was a glorious day today, somewhat wasted on me though as I spent today getting familiar with statistics.

13 November, 2004

gingham rose quilt

it was an early start this morning, accompanying B into work to help him with his uni practical research, before going to the Willoughby Arts Centre Fair where we managed to catch up (only very briefly) with mum and dad. Followed by a trip out to Patch in Penrith where I commenced the gingham rose quilt that I purchased in kit form from Ballarat Patchwork. This was my first quilting class and the other women seem like they always have a lot of fun. I am going to enjoy going although it is going to be interesting balancing my uni studies with this extra activity.

gingham rose quilt fabric

In todays class, I learnt what a 1/4 inch foot is, amongst other things, and cut out the 120 x 5inch squares for the quilt top and even managed to get a few of them sewn together (I had to run up the road during class to purchase the 1/4 inch foot for my machine to commence this task).

10 November, 2004

when all is examined and done

....you go shopping and spend lots of money.

B made sure I did my exam, well at least got to my exam safely, and on time. He also hung about till I was finished. Very supportive of him. I am not that confident with my performance, but have been reassured by the feedback from the online discussion board for this subject that I am not alone in thinking the multiple choice was definitely harder, there was some interesting use of double and triple negatives, and what does ceteris paribus mean anyway? (Answer: other things the same). This latin phrase was used about 3 times, which was really annoying because I don't recall it, other than the plain english, being used ever before in the course.

Anyway, with the exam out of the way we had half a day to relieve the stress, so visted mum and had coffee with her at Northbridge Plaza, after a quick look in a few of the shops, then after dropping her back at home headed for Westfield's Parramatta where we did some serious damage, well more so I did some serious damage to the credit card, although B is implicated as after all he carried the bags. Results for the day - new shoes, a couple of new outfits, a Martha Stewart magazine, and products purchased as a result of the facial I also managed to fit in.

Now its back to work, and the start of semester 3 'Decision Support Tools'. What fun.

07 November, 2004

Like a lamb off to the slaughter house

My economics exam is tomorrow morning and the last minute review is causing me a great deal of angst. Yesterday I played the recorded teletutorials, looking for some added hints on what to expect from the exam. The number of graphs, calculations and concepts the lecturer suggested needed memorising has really depressing. 10 pages of study notes have been made today alone, the only trouble is with the exam approximately 17 hours away and 7 of that sleeping time, there isn't going to be much time left to review said study notes.

I kind of wish I had listened to the teletutorials a bit sooner so that I could have targetted my study before yesterday. A little less time visting my favourite Blogs and discovering new ones might also have helped. When this exam is over I plan to update the favourite Blog links, I also have an idea or two for our webpages. Stay tuned, and

Wish me luck!

03 November, 2004

were you the 1000th visitor??

Were you the 1000th visitor?

If so, go and sign the guest book now, and wait for your prize!!!!!

Other than that, EVERYBODY should go and sign the guest book, that's why it is there, so what are you all waiting for, SIGN IT ALREADY!!

what is it that makes you want to buy more things?

I have just had a phone call from mum and we were discussing the situation she is in, having to cull down on the posessions contained within the family home. After getting off the phone with her, my favourite radio station was tackling the topic of our propensity to spend our money on gadgets and glittering things.

Some of the key points about myself that I gained from the discussion were that I am keeping current, like to feel on the pulse, and am keeping my own place (identity) in the world. I like this better than the main thing I learned from my discussion with mum; that I am going to have one heluva headache when I get to my senior years.

02 November, 2004

its cup day!

B's picks for the Melbourne Cup are Elvstroem, Mummify, and Pacific Dancer.

My picks are Hugs Dancer and Mammol. Before placing our bets half an hour ago - I had changed my mind which horses I would back from the following: Disinction, Strasbourg, Media Puzzle, and Razkalla.

Needless to say with all the deliberations not much study has been done.

Good Luck and Fingers crossed.

31 October, 2004

online shopping addiction

I have my economics exam in a week, and the closer it gets, the more frantic my online shopping addiction becomes. Not satisfied with the 2 parcels that arrived on Friday care of Ebay, I continue to spend countless hours of my time seeking out new treasures. I am not limiting myself to Ebay either, although I do find it a bit irritating to come across a great site, credit card ready, only to find that they don't ship to Australia.

We had a visit last night from a fellow Ebay addict who wishes to remain annoymous, and did a show and tell of our latest Ebay purchases. B sat on the lounge with us shaking his head and commenting on the amount of money that must have been spent between us. There is one downfall to Ebay, in that B can easily see what has been purchased that week and for how much. You don't have quite the same opportunity as when you buy something at the shops and being able to slip it into the wardrobe (we all know once it comes out of the wardrobe it is no longer new). Actually, B isn't bad at all just very interested, but as my addiction gets worse he might come to his husbandly senses and start to give me the 'money doesn't grow on trees ' lecture other husbands are rumoured to give their wives.

I think next time I am in the market for shares I am going to investigate shares in Ebay, that way I will be offsetting my outgoings.

We also had a visit on Friday from M who earlier that week got back from 5 weeks in the UK. M is a fellow Survivor fanatic and we have been taping the episodes for her whilst she was away. We watched the first episode again with her after dinner.

Today is a beautiful day and after some gardening we went to the nursery where we bought a Bugandy Lace Ajuga for the front garden, a Black Tomato plant, and some herbs (Rocket, Water Cress, Curry Plan, and Basil).

B has gone for a swim as his back is causing him a lot of grief, and I am going to open my text books....in a minute....after I check my watchlist!

27 October, 2004

uni highs and lows

These last couple of weeks, the admin side of uni has really caused me some grief. Last week I discovered that the 'Computer Modelled Assessment' (the assignment I was required to complete via the internet)was lost in cyberspace. I thought I had completed it successfully at my end, however it did not get received at USQ's end. I discovered this only by checking into the course discussion board and finding quite a few people discussing their answers. This prompted me to ring the university to enquire about my results, and being told that they hadn't received my assignment. I wasn't the only one apparently, they had experienced technical problems the weekend before it was due, so I was able to resubmit it. Thank goodness I had kept an almost final copy of my answers, so this was not too big a deal. I was able to email this directly to the markers for processing, and although this seems simple, the 2 attempts I made generated an automated response which also suggested I was not successful. In the end B took over and my assignment finally reached its destination. Well, today I got my results (90%) which put me on a high, and gave me the incentive to sort out my subject for Semester 3. I needed to swap the subject I was currently enrolled in for S3 with another, again this is required to be done online. I managed to drop the enrolled in subject, no problems, but picking up the replacement subject, no way. I have put in a request for help from my Regional Liason Officer but it does not look hopeful. Because I was focused on the assigment debacle, I missed the deadline (didn't think there was one, considering S3 hasn't actually started) for changing subjects. Looks like I will be enjoying summer with everyone else, which won't be so bad.

26 October, 2004

update...update...update..well, you know!!!

After careful consideration, and Bigpond not coping, I have decided NOT to add in Celine (AKA Silly).

Why I hear you ask??

Well the system had a melt down and blew my capacity out to 99.97% (with about 500k to go).

so, what's been happening???

Well a lot really!!

I have added in a few more pics to the website, out in the garden. So go and have a look!!

Here a couple more, just to save a bit of space as I am rapidly running out of room (78.84% used)!!

Just a Hollyhock

More of the Hollyhock!!

Also, I have taken Norah Jones off, but in place, we now have Celine Dion (or silly don as L puts it)! We (she) was a bit optimistic about buy her latest CD. It is the first one she has of her work, and now somewhat seems to have "Entered the Granny Brigade" Speak for yourself!!!

My car is (again) in the panel beaters, after a truck decided that he wanted to 'share' my lane. The only point is, he forgot to ask me about it!!!! All things being fair and good, AAMI have told me that it should be back on Friday!!!!!


22 October, 2004

Will someone turn off the shower!!

Well, I think that enough is enough, for now anyway! So, will someone please turn OFF the shower!!

Our backyard is now suitably flooded, the garden is now soaked, and a bit of sunshine now, would be just fine! It will give the garden time to suck it all up, do what it has to do, and set everything to blossom! We now have our Hollyhock's beginning to flower, an abundance of Hippies flowering (more than ever really), all of the Hydrangea's are looking good to, with Multiple heads getting ready too!

Out the front, the Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is also now in full bloom too, and is looking (and smelling) great!

Our roses are also flowering really well, with them also putting on a good supply of 'Water Shoot', which are good for future years growth. When it comes closer to Christmas, I will be giving them a good 'Boy Prune' to ensure a good crop of flowers through to winter!

Our lawns are all at saturation point, or, water logged, so please TURN OFF THE SHOWER!!!

20 October, 2004


For a year now I have been waiting for the opportunity to purchase a Kerrie Lester artwork of my very own. I discovered her artwork accidentally and ever since have been researching and seeking its availability, which led me to the Australian Galleries in Paddington. Apparently they carry odd bits and pieces of her work throughout the year, so I called them a couple of weeks ago and they kindly offered to put me on the invitation list for the opening night of an exhibition she was having 19 October through 13 November. I couldn't believe it, this was clearly a sign that I was going to finally own one of her paintings. Fate had led me to making the call only weeks before opening night, and I could actually afford a 30cm x 30cm hand stitched, oil on canvas creation.

So why disappointed? Well fate dealt a cruel blow. I recieved my invite and a catalogue of works a week ago. I decided immediately the one I wanted, made sure the necessary funds were available and organised that I would leave work super early in order to be at the gallery with B before the scheduled commencement time, to ensure we were first in the doors. All went to plan perfectly, we were 45 minutes early, however, upon deciding to take a sneak preview by peering through the glass door, B quickly noticed and pointed out that many of the paintings already had 'Red Dots' indicating they were SOLD! This was confirmed shortly by the curator of the gallery who upon seeing us at the door, buzzed us in. I couldn't believe it, what was the point of an opening night if half the stuff is already sold?

I was, and am still so disappointed.

19 October, 2004

it's been an x-Box day.......

What do you do, when you cant do anything????

Play x-Box of course!! Today, as I could not go to work because of my bad back, and with it being raining all day, I was bored as so I decided to play x-Box! I have not played it for such a long time, and as in a previous post, Dr Muto had been the game of choice. However this time, I thought that Voodoo Vince should get a go. I remember that Voodoo Vince was a lot harder than that of Dr Muto, and I was right! I spent ages trying to get over a particular section, and FINALLY, I did it (with a little help from a friend (onto the net, found a walkthrough, and was able to find out what to do, yeah!)).

Anyways, fun was had, and in no time at all, the phone rang to tell me that L was now on her way home from work, then to the Kerrie Lester exhibition, but I will save that for L!!!!

....and it just keeps getting bigger!

Further to last weeks post, one of the Hollyhocks in our garden just keeps growing. It is now over 7 foot tall. B took this photo of me with it last Friday.

....and it just keeps getting bigger! Posted by Hello

We have both been kind of busy..working, studying, gardening (the front garden is now home to summer annuals, and the pot at the front door with Kalanchoe), and if that wasn't enough I have also been stressing out.

The cause of my stressing out started a couple of months back though, and was the result of feeling undervalued in my workplace, and applying for a new job, which I successfully got interviewed for (twice) and offered the position. The stressful bit has been trying to determine whether I am better off in my current workplace or taking the new job. Friday, I decided that I was better off where I am given my uni study, and the opportunities that have come my way since. Added stress has been that upon declining the offer, they have asked me think further about it so that they can have discussions with the General Manager, so the saga continues.

To relieve the stress B and I paid a visit to Star City on Sunday night where we were the guests of the Endeavour Room...some sort of highrollers room where the drinks and buffet are free. Don't ask me how we got an invite because I can't tell you *cheeky smile*.

11 October, 2004

bloody Telstra!!

That's all I can say, and I am sure that A will agree!!!!

I have just gotten off trying to sort out why, I cant log on, and upload the changes to the website!! I mean, it only took 50 mins and 3 phone calls, hey!!!

The first call, put it in the .... 'too hard basket' and told me to ring a 1800 number!
Then I was told that they only handle the .com ones!!! But at least he put me in the right direction!!!

Then I spoke with Shaun/Sean. He was great and immediately told me that yes there was a know problem and took all my details and filled out a form and was submitting it to the 'advanced' technical support section!!!

Alas, it will take up to 2 days for them to look at the problem, sort it out, and then get back to me, so you will all have to wait a couple of days to see the new guest book, the revised 'Spicy Fish' recipe, and the additional recipes I have added, (boiled fruit cake, and a Thai Chicken Dish to name a few!!

So, stay tuned!

10 October, 2004

smelly smelly sunday!!


this morning, we woke early (6am) and went out to water the newly laid turf! Whilst we were out there, I could smell ..... well sewer! L however, was totally oblivious about it all and we left it at that. Just a figment of our (my) imagination!

After about an hour, I was now out the front rolling up the hose, and damn it, I could STILL smell it! L, still none the wiser, thought I was mad, so I went down stairs and started to iron my shirt for the GAP AGM/picnic day. Whilst I was ironing, I could hear this ..... well gurgling sound. You know the sound when your stomach is twisting and turning it a fit of hunger! Well I called out to L, appropriately dressed in almost nothing, to see if she was doing anything upstairs, but to no avail! Back to ironing.

Next thing you know, it was back!! Gurgling like there's no tomorrow. Damn I says, I am going to track it down. Listening away, I tracked it down to our downstairs toilet bubbling it up through it!! OH NO me thinks, is this going to be NASTY????
L came down in a fit, now fully dressed, and then the next thing you know, well look at the pic...

The start of the sewer overflow! Posted by Hello

Oh no! This is the last thing we need. Now it is 8.20 Sunday morning and we need a plumber!! How much is this going to cost? Who CARES I think I just want it fixed, and no more sewer smell! So I called our Strata company, thanks S, and she arranged for him to come over. So off I went to the GAP picnic day, leaving L to manage it (which she did very well!!).

Here are a couple of pics too from the picnic day too....

Help me out of HERE!!! Posted by Hello

GAP AGM Posted by Hello

What tha??!!?? Posted by Hello

The DAY!! Posted by Hello

09 October, 2004

sunny sunny saturday

Today we:
- went to Windsor to collect 6 rolls of turf (to fill in the bare patch down the
side of the house),returned home and laid the turf,
- collected Blythe number 2 (Madamoiselle Rosebud)from the Post Office
- tidied the Star Jasmine and Wisteria
- went to an open house,
- bought Macc a new bed, and
- voted.

All in all, it was a busy day.

Macc trying out his new bed. Posted by Hello

B has created a page in the gallery section of our website to view photos of plants that are flowering in our garden. Amongst these photos is one of the Hollyhocks we have growing.

6' plus Hollyhock Posted by Hello

It is thanx to mum deciphering the verbal description that we now know what they are. We planted them as seedlings and a couple of them are now 6 foot plus. They were planted before we went away in June and I actually didn't think that they would survive without us to water them regularly. When we got back I wasn't sure if they were weeds and couldn't remember what it was we had planted. We will post more photos when they come into flower.

07 October, 2004

see the biggest flower in the world!

B wrote this...

For weeks we’ve been watching it grow.
By god, it’s been terribly slow.
But when it did spike,
We started the hype.
So now look at what is on show!


The smell they say it’s like fish,
But this fish you won’t find on a dish.
It’s more like a horse,
Or a rotting old corpse,
You can get close, but only if you wish!

and this...

Jamaicans, they love their Bacardi.
The Botanist, Odoardo Beccari.
He stumbled across
This monster ‘The Boss’
Let’s hope this flower is hardy.

for the limmirick competition that the Royal Botanic Gardens is running in conjuncition with the flowering of the Titum Arum, the worlds biggest flower. This flower has caused quite a bit of excitement as it is a first for Sydney, not only is it big but it has a couple of interesting traits; during flowering at night, the plant gets so hot it steams, releasing foul-smelling chemicals to attract pollinators earning the Titan Arum the name Carcass Flower.

A and I met B in at the gardens last Thursday PM for a look at the flower before it opened. B has since been in to see it opened and smelling. Mum and Dad also went in to the Gardens at 11.00pm to take a look.

Amorphophallus titanum
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Amorphophallus titanum
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Amorphophallus titanum
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