10 March, 2006

Happy birthday!!!

Ready to sing everybody??

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear BBBBBBBB,
Happy birthday to youuuuuuu.

That was great everyone, I could hear you from here!!!

Ah yes, how old are you I hear you ask??
I am happy to say that I am 21 (with 17 years experience)!

07 March, 2006

meet the neighbours (part one)

suffering insomnia, I have been trawling through some of the photos on the computer when I came across this one....

meeting the neighbour!!
this reminded me of a series of blogs I had planned, which would profile some of our neighbours. So here goes, meet our neighbour over the back fence. I believe his name is Eddie, B introduced himself some time back when he retrieved our patio umbrella wnich ended up in his yard after a particulary windy evening. We don't really see or hear much from this neighbour, and I am ashamed to say that until wash day I was not sure who lived behind us, if anyone at all. From the washing line I have guessed that Eddie lives alone and is an older gentleman who is very orderly. He puts my washing line to shame - on my Hills Hoist you will find undies next to a tshirt or tea towel, next to a pillowcase, next to another set of undies, then a sock whose mate may still be in the wash hamper.....