07 June, 2014

The Dish - Parkes!

Remember that classic Australian movie, The Dish? Well, tonight, after dinner, I managed to get out to have a look at 'The Dish' and get some photos....

Now I had thought it was pretty big, huge even, but I actually thought it may have been bigger than it was!!! But, I was still in amazement with its sheer size!! I will want to go back in the daylight and have another look at it though!

We also managed to get some more Milky Way shots as well!!!

Hoo roo for now...


02 June, 2014

Vivid Sydney 2014

YES, its THAT time of year.... AGAIN! Its Vivid Sydney, and lots of late nights and colour!

This year though, I am doing things slightly differently. So far, I have done the Opera House sequence, and the Bridge from Blues Point. Tomorrow, hopefully, I shall try something a little different, and do a time-lapse and some of the installation in Martin Place, but for now, enjoy this little slide show!

So, expect a couple more posts from Vivid 2014!

Hoo roo for now...