24 April, 2004

After putting it off and putting it off.... I am finally putting pen to paper ( I don't know what the IT version of that is?).

Today we did the markets thing. It was our first time to the markets at Narrabeen Lagoon. We came away with a funky set of 4 noritake cups and saucers, very 50's looking with sailing boats brushstroked on them. We also bought a bali-style bamboo windchime with tropical flowers painted on each of the chimes and the coconut shell, the chimes are suspended from.

We also managed a visit with mum and dad, B a haircut, more shopping at Macquarie Centre which resulted in a shirt for B, and some grocery shopping.

Ann came for dinner, and more shopping via ebay, this time it was Ann making her debut into bidding online, with success no doubt due to our input. Ann and B are now playing X-box. I have been doing my Noah's x-stitch. But am now off to bed.

01 April, 2004

About Us!

In case you were wondering, we are L & B.

One day, whilst L was 'surfing' the net, she came across an old 'nick-name' that she used to have, Loobylu. She was aghast that something like this was on the net, so off she went to have a look. It was a blog and she became hooked!

As we were getting ready to go overseas, we thought that it would be a good idea that we create a blog, and this way our friends could have a virtual 'catch-up' of where we were and what we were doing. I even had a link to photos that I had uploaded!

Well, we have certainly evolved since then. Blogger now have an uploading tool for photos, but we don't use it going for flickr instead. The blog now carries anything and everything!
We are in Western Sydney, Australia, and work in opposite ends of the city. We have a lovely dog, (Macc) and a not so lovely cat (to me anyways, Jasmine).

Whilst we both like to garden, when it comes to the lawns, I get frustrated with L's presentation, lol lol. But that is just me being a fussy greenkeeper!

Whilst she is the master of the craft, I enjoy cooking! That's about it really, so sit back, enjoy the life and time of burntofferings!