28 January, 2006

bathurst... what the???

What is it with Bathurst?
After taking several drugs to aleviate neessary back pain, we wait for 'A' to turn up... an hour late mind you!
We were supposed to leave at around 6.15am this morning, which ended up at 7.15 or there abouts!
We stopped 'up the hill' at McDonalds ?? for breakfast of their new toast. I had the Bananna and Date.
And then we were off to the Bathurst Growers Markets. We had a lovely drive, even though the drugs taken earlier this morning were not doing that much at all. But upon arrival at the Markets, we trudged around, brought ample amounts of Nectarines, Peaches, Squash and a mix of Granny Smith and Sundowner Apples. All of which were suitably taste tested prior to buying! We also got a couple of plants.
But, after the markets, we came across a very strange thing in Bathurst! What is it with naming shops with two of the same letter?

bernard's bakery

26 January, 2006

stolen engagement ring

some bastard stole my mum's engagement ring whilst my parents were staying with my brother and his family at their home in Bulimba, QLD. Actually, the bastard stole money, her keycard and other items of jewellery, but the engagement ring was the one that really causes the most grief. For what it is worth I am putting mum's drawing of her ring 'out there'.

Julies Ring
The items were stolen from my brothers home on Monday, 23 January around lunchtime from a downstairs bedroom whilst the family was upstairs having lunch. Mum had unfortunately taken off her ring because of the heat and put it with her other jewellery.

17 January, 2006

a very bad week for cats

this week we farewelled Mottie my 16year old moggie. Although this was sad, she died peacefully and at a ripe old age. Passing away quietly in the front yard of my parents house mid afternoon.

Mottie is fondly remembered as being the last kitten left at the RSPCA and almost not making it out of there alive, for she was a little bit too quick with the claws. This however, was soon forgotten and I put it down to being more a product of that environment; a bit scary for a tiny kitten. Better remembered for her support whilst many an hour was spent studying for my undergraduate degree and just being there, I hope you are chasing plenty of mices in pussy heaven.

Our thoughts go out to A, S, M and W for the passing of Wallace, truly the fluffiest feline that was. And thumbs down to Virgin baggage handlers for what can only be guessed was leaving him out on the tarmac for 90mins in 40 degree heat. You bastards.

And for Molly the cat even though we didn't know you, our thoughts go out to you, and your owners A's dad and L. Your fateful demise really did surmise that this was a VERY bad week for cats.

08 January, 2006

a donna hay day

my new years resolution may have been for more craft but I have had a constant calling for all things creative in the kitchen of late. This weekend saw the creation of split pea, barley, lentil and ham soup which was ready for consumption today, and at the same time the fruition of lemon cordial.

I have not made either before, the soup was the inspiration of the ham bone from Christmas and a packet of McKenzies Soup Mix that had been sitting in the pantry for quite some time that it was nearing its use by date. The soup was actually intended for Friday night's dinner however, I hadn't anticipated the lengthy soaking the soup mix required, which is why this became a weekend long creation. The end result was great though not quite the same as pea and ham which was also the original idea, I guess this was more like a minestrone. I also hadn't expected that we would have so much soup - we will be eating this all week. Before I attempt this again I will be purchasing some suitable tupperware for freezing leftover soup.

Our super productive lemon tree inspired the lemon cordial- we have had so many lemons, bagful after bagful in the last few weeks that we have been giving them away by the bagful to anyone who so much as glanced in the trees direction when they came for a visit. The lemon cordial was so easy to make and really delicious that I think it will become a burntofferings kitchen staple.

lemon cordial in the making

lemon cordial made

03 January, 2006

new years resolution

more crafting

01 January, 2006

Happy new year!!!

Our special friend P sent this, and we loved it so much we have borrowed it to wish you:

12 months of happiness

52 weeks of fun

365 days of success

8760 hours of good health

525600 mins of good luck, and

31536000 seconds of love.

Happy New Year everybody!!!