27 February, 2006

26 February, 2006

i am still up and it's 2.53am!!!

Can someone please give me a cure for insomnia, or at least a cure for the bad back that is giving me the insomnia!
You see, here is the problem I have been having (particularly) for the last couple of week. Of an evening, either with dinner or not to long after, I have my medications: 2 x 150grm Lyrica; 2 x Myrsyndol (??grm); and if it is REALLY BAD 1 x Oxycontin (??grm). I become somewhat tired and go to bed. Now this is where I just do NOT get it.
As soon as my head touches any one of the four pillows I have got, 3 for my head end and 1 for under my knees (romantic now isn't it. I mean a pillow under your knees doesn't get you much action...) I wake up! Now I hear you asking why he has a pillow under his knees. Well it is strategically placed. It is under my knees so as it puts my spine into a 'neutral' type of a position, thus more comfortable. More comfortable my ass, as I can't get to bloody sleep and I am forced to come out to the lounge room and sit on bloody eBay all night!!!!! (Or look at bloggs or even make a post in my blogg... how novel!).
Any ideas??

13 February, 2006

three birthdays in one day

it was a rather busy weekend...

Farmers markets in Camden on the Saturday, and catching up on February birthdays on Sunday, with some gardening on both days thrown in.

Sunday very plesantly started with a breakfast birthday celebration for Nat, we took her out to our favourite Sunday breakfast location Kafenio's in Cronulla. They make the best coffees although I always have a Chai Latte (also the best) and I also almost always have their special bread, Banana, Pear and Raspberry being my favourite. This time however, I had the special museli which was fantastic but too filling, it was a struggle to finish it, but too good to leave any. With breakfast in our bellies we had a look in a couple of shops, dropped Nat back at the place she is houseminding, and then it was on to the next birthday on the list for the day.

Happy belated birthday to Dad, we celebrated with him on his Birthday, 3 Feb, we just didn't have a pressie for him, he is sooooo hard to buy for. You aren't allowed to spend much money on him (his rule, otherwise he will take it back, get the money back, buy himself something else and present you with the change. He's done it, and don't ask me how he managed it without the receipt!!!). So a gift voucher for Bunnings and jar of gourmet chutney was the answer. Thanks mum for the suggestion.

And, finally, at the end of the day it was over to A's for someone very special's birthday, for a monumentous birthday, the first of the double digits, being one decade old. Happy Birthday, and best wishes for many more decades to come.