31 December, 2008

NYE 2008: Let it all begin!

Here are a couple of shots I took this morning whilst waiting for the gates to open:

Last minute mowing

Everything ready

Art Gallery Line

Line waiting

First through

Interview & rolling

Not to sure what he has in his pack, but he must have friends coming along! The line for coming in is almost 1klm long now, and it is still quite early, and the site will accomodate 20,000 people. Lets see if we hit that target!

Cubby rebuild...

Over the last couple of months, the cubby has been getting much more of a lean... It was about to fall over! So, I tried to take the roof off to brace it up a little, but as I touched it, I quickly found out that if I was to try and lift it off, the whole house would simply fall! The previous owner of the house, had a little girl, and I think it may have been a rush job to build it many years ago, as some of the joints were... well... not that good!

So on the weekend Christmas break, we dismantled it, and I built two new side wall frames. The back yard looked as though a cyclone (tornado) had gone through it!

Cubby 30122008

Cubby II 30122008

Cubby III 30122008

We also did a 'new' floor, as the old one was just chipboard on a couple of bricks! Great for ALL sorts of bugs and stuff when kids are inside!!!

Cubby Floor 30122008

Now, yesterday afternoon, frames were finished and the rear cladding was nailed on. Right hand side cladding and window were also installed and then the cubby was placed onto the new floor. Whilst L was off getting dinner (it was too hot to cook anything, and that is a story in it's own right that I will tell you later...) the cladding and window were completed on the left hand side.

Now, as I said, it was rather hot and as I was busy, L said that she will do dinner, But as it was hot, we were busy so she decided to go to Alpacino's Pizza & Pasta house nearby. She left and dodged her way through traffic at a nearby intersection where a motorcyclist had an accident and later died. When she got to Alpacino's, it was closed! She left and then called me and it was decided to go to the local Lebanese bakery, where they have the BEST, woodfired pizza's. Sounds good? NUP, it was closed as well!!!!

By this time, somewhat deflated, she came home and defrosted some stir-fry beef, cracked open a bottle of Vietnamese sauce and cooked some rice. What a disaster! This dinner was so hot (spice), she could barely eat it! I had one bit of the beef and some rice, and I swear that it took off the lining of my mouth!

So, here I am, at work on New Years Eve (NYE). Outside it is a lovely day, where we are expecting a top in the city of around 30 degrees C. Our site is one of (if not THE best) the best sites for the NYE fireworks. Fencing has gone in and will not reopen until 10am. There is already thousands of people out there waiting. These are mainly backpackers (UK and USA to name a couple), and have already started drinking as grog is not allowed inside. It is not even 9am! We will be at home tonight, with family, having a BBQ, enjoying the spa and having a game or two on either the xbox or the PS2.

Your turn: What are your plans to see in 2009? Have you made a resolution yet, and will you?

Have a great night everyone, and stay safe. See you in 2009!

28 December, 2008

Enjoying the summer after Christmas!

Boy, am I glad that Christmas is over for another year... Since, mind you, we have been sort of 'flat out'! With doing things around the house, and L having a bout of the Summer Flu! We have been enjoying some rather warm weather with afternoon thunderstorms (one now actually, stopping work on the cubby-house). I do not really mind this however, as it allows me to watch the second test, Australia v Sth Africa in the Cricket!!!
But, I just thought I would share some shots of what our Christmas day entailed...

Christmas Table 2008 II

Christmas Table
Rosie, seemed as though she was a little 'confused' as to what was happening, but she did like her Santa's hat:

Santa's lil helper
Both Max and Will got Chef's hat's and Max (being the photogenic person he is by always jumping into a shot...) was willing to show his hat off. But as it was late in the day (a very long day for the boys), Will was a little more camera shy:

The mad chef
I can't remember what Rosie got for her Christmas present, but what ever it was, it must have been good (given both mum and dad have the same facial expression):


24 December, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you all, a very MERRY Christmas!
The 'One True Media' website was giving me grief, so thanks to Flickr, here are the pics...

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EDIT: (26/12/2008) Ok, so the link above didn't work, so lets see how this one goes!
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22 December, 2008

Carols, a photo essay!!!

Saturday, after a busy day of doing this and that, (not to mention having a 3 hour sleep causing us to run more than a 'little' late, saw us sitting in the VIP Lawn area for this years, Carols in the Domain. The day had been forecast for showers/rain, but thankfully, these had stayed away! It was a lovely evening...

Carols 2008

Shannon Noll

Delta Goodrum

Delta & Bryan

Bryan McFadden
And then, there was always SOMETHING for the kids, The Wiggles!!!

The Wiggles

Carols Finale

All photos were taken handheld, no tripod, so they are not to my usual standard, sorry...

18 December, 2008

On a night like this...

Yesterday, we celebrated our 8th anniversary, and was it a very different day to that day 8 years ago... No where near as hot (from memory, it was nearing 40 degrees c...) where as yesterday was simply MUGGY!

We had decided that this year, we will once again go and see Kylie Minouge (aka as the singing budgie), and boy, was it a great night! I managed to get, what I thought were pretty good tickets. It was not until we got to the seats that we VERY quickly realised that we actually had GREAT seats! Slightly having to look to the left, but we were pretty much level to the stage and about 25m from it! Whilst this show was a little dark and lite on with staging, but the light show more than made up for it... I tried to get a couple of shots on my mobile, but they simply did not work out (and I thought there was no need to take the little 'point and shoot' camera as there is NORMALLY no photography allowed!).

We got to the venue, Acer Arena, a little early and had a bite to eat at the 'Brewery'. We both wanted to have the Salt & Pepper Calamari, but it had sold out, so I just had the Fish 'n' Chips and L had the Seared Chicken breast and salad. I also enjoyed a Bourbon & coke, and at $9.50 boy, did it taste good!!!

After leaving the Arena, with ringing ears and still buzzing after an additional 5 set encore (it was her last Sydney concert...), we got home just around midnight to a couple of pets angry we were not home! So Happy Anniversary L!

Whats next though, I hear you ask? I have also managed to get tickets to this years Carols in the Domain. This is being held on Saturday night, and is a lovely event. We will be catching up with friends for the night, so hopefully the night will be storm free and a typically Wonderful Sydney evening. Here is a shot from a previous Carols:

Carols Domain

Carols Crowd

Carols Man with hat

Carols Dog

16 December, 2008

Happy Birthday L

Ok, as L had her surgery on friday (instead of Thursday) this meant that her birthday party may have been cancelled... But, being the 'trooper' that she is, it went ahead...

Here are some shots of the day (and I have not really included any of her, as due to the pain she was in (and still is today mind you)), she was not looking her 'best':

12 December, 2008

Happy Birthday... TROLL!

Yesterday, was L's birthday... And it was going to be a 'special' day. You see, last Thursday, I had a meeting with her specialist and it was arranged that she will be 'slotted in' where he can for a couple of investigations for recurrent miscarriages. Guess what, he got her in ON her birthday! What's more, she was first on the list and had to be there by 6.30am! But a call from the clinic the following day rescheduled it for today, Friday...
So how did we celebrate it??? Croissants and fresh brewed coffee in the morning with the delivery of her present, a Troll Bracelet.

Fish Lock

Birthday Troll

After a nice morning relaxing spa, we headed north for the morning taking BACK the bracelet, as it was a little long and I had fears of it falling off! The girls at M-Studio were fantastic and she swapped it over no worries. However, whilst we were in there, she Had to get another three beads now!!!
After all changes were made, we headed over to a new shop for some lunch, Fourth Village Providore (an Italian market/Café) in Mosman. This was FANTASTIC! We shared a pizza (Bufalo Cheese, Prosciutto, Basil and fresh Parmesan)! Dessert was a Chocolate Fig Tart with Mascarpone and chocolate sauce drizzled around the plate!!!! YUMM!
After lunch we headed home to finish getting the house ready for the family and friends gathering on Sunday, maybe. L has come up rather sore from the surgery, so it is on notice... It would be terrible if she could not get out of bed! The cake is ordered and I will be collecting it tomorrow morning... More on that over the weekend!

10 December, 2008

Man, have we been busy!!!

This is a bit of a 'catch-up', so apologies in advance!
Firstly, in news other than homely stuff, 'L' had another cycle, however, this time, it was a negative. Friday, she is going off to have some investigative surgery to have a look at the insides... More on that in another post!
So, what have we been doing? A lot! Tiling the back (and front) verandahs...



Back Wide


Side During

Back During

Side Finished

Back Finished II

And finished & cleaned off...

Back Cleaned

Also, the second bedroom was still in the colours that were in it when we bought the house 3 1/2 years ago, so a change was in order...

2nd Bedroom

Clearly, the previous owner's little girl had influenced the colour choice...

2nd Bedroom Door

And, as tomorrow is 'L's' birthday and a party will be had on Sunday, we are doing a spot of cleaning!!!

Rug Cleaning

I promise, I will post a photo of the present I have got her tomorrow afternoon!!!