26 February, 2006

i am still up and it's 2.53am!!!

Can someone please give me a cure for insomnia, or at least a cure for the bad back that is giving me the insomnia!
You see, here is the problem I have been having (particularly) for the last couple of week. Of an evening, either with dinner or not to long after, I have my medications: 2 x 150grm Lyrica; 2 x Myrsyndol (??grm); and if it is REALLY BAD 1 x Oxycontin (??grm). I become somewhat tired and go to bed. Now this is where I just do NOT get it.
As soon as my head touches any one of the four pillows I have got, 3 for my head end and 1 for under my knees (romantic now isn't it. I mean a pillow under your knees doesn't get you much action...) I wake up! Now I hear you asking why he has a pillow under his knees. Well it is strategically placed. It is under my knees so as it puts my spine into a 'neutral' type of a position, thus more comfortable. More comfortable my ass, as I can't get to bloody sleep and I am forced to come out to the lounge room and sit on bloody eBay all night!!!!! (Or look at bloggs or even make a post in my blogg... how novel!).
Any ideas??

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