15 May, 2006

my favourite shops

I have been braving the cold of Melbourne this week attending first a workshop and then a conference which has ment that I have had the briefest of moments to indulge in shopping. My most favourite shop is Douglas and Hope, they have a shop in Melbourne CBD and one on Brunswick St. I purchased a brass hook with a porcelain rose on it for the bathroom, and a tea towel which I am going to sew into a quilt. I just had to buy something from here.

douglas and hope
Other favourites are 'A jewellery store named Desire' again there is one of these stores on Brunswick St and one in Melbourne CBD in the Melbourne GPO building. I bought an Ayala Bar bangle from here. I spotted it on my first day and couldn't stop thinking about it so bought it before leaving for the airport home.

a jewellery store named desire
And of course Haigh's chocolates, I believe we now have one of these in Sydney, but I still associate this store with a trip to Melbourne.

haighs chocolates
And one of my favourite places for dinner is The Quarter, located in this laneway beside the hotel.

favourite eating

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