29 March, 2007

our new verandah

Well folks, here it is, our recently finished verandah. This was a February project that took a little longer than planned as we did not plan the hot water service to blow up, or leak profusely, nor did we plan the under bench oven blowing up (literally) either!!So, after a couple of extra thousand dollars spent elsewhere on appliances, may I present to you, our verandah:
Finished Verandah
Another view:

Finished Vernadah
Underneath the awning:
Under the new verandah
And lastly, from LA-Bamboo_Direct on eBay, our 'Lotus Rain Chains' in place of downpipes. His store is well worth a visit, as there is lots of good stuff there!

Verandah & Rain Chains
Sorry about the 'quality' of this last image, as we have had some rain and it is late this evening...

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