11 February, 2010

A new lens!!

Firstly, I just HAD to post this pic from the movie, Avatar... I heard that Mr Bean had auditioned, but when they did a CGI of him, they thought against it!

Bean Avatar, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

But, in the mail yesterday, I got a new 'toy'. Well, ok, it may not be 'new' but it is to me!! I have been looking at getting a bigger lens for some time, but the price (C. $1800 AUD) has put me off it. I did see one in Doha last September, and the exchange rate was good with the price, but I just couldn't come to buying it, and with hindsight, I am so glad I didn't! It is a Sigma 80-400mm lens with Image Stabiliser, so if I have a slight movement when taking a photo, it will compensate for it! It is also VERY heavy as well, but I am so looking forward to using it! Here is a photo (taken with my old 'point 'n' shoot' Olympus) of it on my Canon EOS 400D (I also have a X 2 converter, so it gives me up to a total focal length of a massive 800mm!).

New 80-400 lens & x2 converter, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

And, here are a couple of initial shots I took very quickly during a break from doing my Tax, yes I know it's late, VERY late, but mine is now done and a few minor things are needed for L's!

Cicada Shell, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Bottlebrush, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Have a great day!!!



  1. That is one heck of a lens! And I love th epictures too~

  2. Wow, that looks heavy! What fun, though!


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