03 August, 2010

TREE update...

Overnight, we had a lot of rain and wind gust's up to 107klm/hr! This worried me a lot overnight, and so, I did not get a lot of sleep... I think I was checking it every hour or so!

Syd Radar 2082010

I was checking the Internet, and I have found a replacement for the OLD Hills Hoist. They are very close, they are even Galvanised Iron like the original ones!

So this morning, I was able to clear access through the garage and remove a small temporary fence I had installed to stop Macc and the neighbours dog going at each other under the MAIN fence. And sooner than I expected, I had a knock on the door from the tree loppers here to do the job; or at least, make it safe! They trimmed the fallen branch, and then proceeded to remove some of the other branches that were now in danger of falling down onto the neighbouring fence and garage.

Leaning Tree
Tree Workers
Pole trimming

So now I have it safe for now, and they will be back later in the week to complete the rest of its removal. I am now about to order my line and make some lunch!

Hoo roo for now...


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