01 October, 2010

Long Lost Pathway...

I got some paving bricks well over 12 months ago, with the intent of doing a pathway up to the spa... Well, it is now, finally, nearing a reality! I have had them piled up at the front gate, and I was sick of seeing them! They were bought around the back, and laid in such a way that didn't need any to be cut. BUT, I was worried I would not have enough... In the end, I was left with all of the half bricks, as well as NINE full ones. Was that well planned or what?

The Path That Will Be
Pathway to house
REMAINING Paver Bricks

The pathway was dug out in preparation for the roadbase and sand tomorrow. There will be a 50mm roadbase and a 10-15mm sand layer, as it isn't really a load bearing pathway! I was grateful for the hired help to make this happen, and for also bringing lunch! Don't you just love the Forecat on duty to supervise the works, and Security to make sure NOTHING goes missing! Just before I took the photo of Macc, there was an Indian Minor sitting on his food bowl, so clearly, he was flat out working!

Digging of the Pathway
The Forecat

Lunch, with thanks to the hired help, consisted of home made Wraps. These were Turkey, salad on a Mango & Ginger Chutney with Egg Mayonnaise; YUMM

Mayo & Mango Ginger Chutney on Wrap
Salad for lunch

So, tomorrow I will be up early as I have to go and pick up the trailer from the in-laws! Then on my way home, I will be getting 1/2 a cubic meter of both roadbase and sand. Then it will be a matter of laying, consolidating the roadbase, screening a small layer of sand before laying the pavers. Then, removing the outer edge and mixing up some concrete, so as they can be 'haunched' to lock it all together!!! So a lot of work to still do tomorrow, with rain forecast towards the afternoon and the possibility of thunderstorms to boot!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Looks great! We did this for the back patio.

  2. You WILL be a busy bee! Personally, I plan to do nothing all day except read a book. The path will look fantastic.

    I particularly like the Security and the Forecat performing their duties. I hope you will be giving them overtime for working on a public holiday weekend?


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