29 July, 2011

A walk around the 'Gardens'...

Ok, so I've told you I got a new camera, (7D), and today I got a little bit of time to give it a bit of a going through... I got to walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens a little and get some shots... This first series is of the built environment (some) and what surrounds the Gardens... The City CBD overlooking the Gardens must offer some spectactular views and vistas for the city workers, whilst the Herb Garden recently had the Pavillion finished after a lot of years without it! Then, lastly, Victoria Lodge is a quaint little house...

Sydney CBD

Victoria Lodge

Conservatorium of Music Side

Herb Garden Pavillion Finished

Here are just some of the Gardens themselves... The Palm trees on the old 'Flower Bed Lawn', and Echinacea Flower which was the only plant/flower in the bed, and the Brachychiton that, whilst on a lean, is getting a little support...

Sydney Palms

Echinacea Flower


And finally, a little of the 'ornaments' within the Gardens... There are a LOT of statues and memorials and so on, so to see but just a few is nice, a little at a time! There is a couple of 'Seeds' made from Bronze, and then a Bronze Statue of 'Satyr', which resembles a goat rear and the head of a human!

Bronze Seed

Bronze Seed 01


Hoo roo for now...


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