03 September, 2006

juggling act

before turning in for the day, I will catch you up on what has been happening (working backwards) ~
plate juggler
Today ~ Yum Cha at King of Kings, great place to go with kids, because any mess (spilt drinks, flung food) isn't out of place. The guy in the photo was pretty cool the way he cleared the tables. The favourite brother took the boys back home for a rest whilst mum, B and I did the Riverside Markets, although I don't know why we bothered, they were terrible, mostly cheap junk. They have gone downhill since the last time I went to them a couple of years back.

Saturday ~ River Cat to New Farm Park, antique shops at Logan Rd (the Gabba), topped off the day at the River Fire Festival to watch the fireworks and F1-11's from the new terminal. And I just love the No 1 Nephew, making sure we got our dinner.

is my dinner ready
Friday ~ Went to Paddington, in the morning, this was really pleasant, had coffee in Paddington Flowers and I did a pee with a view of Brisbane because the No 1 nephew came in to show me something and when I told him I would have a look when I finished, he didn't close the door behind him.

Thursday ~ It rained again today, this was not so bad for the 2 hour drive to Byron Bay and then onto Bangalow. Had lunch at Mongers, in Byron Bay and a pretty fantastic icecream although I wouldn't bother with Byron Bay again I don't think. Bangalow was great, got some funky pj's from Lazybones, and discovered Sharon Steel, a linocut artist whose only art in the gallery was sold, dammit. The visit to Bangalow was well worth the drive.

Wednesday ~ Collected B from the airport whilst No 1 nephew was at daycare. Had a look around the shops at Bullimba, Hawthorne and Balmoral with mum whilst B rested his back, and took care of the youngest nephew (No 2 doesn't sound very nice).

Tuesday ~ Whilst both nephews were in daycare mum and I went to the city by Rivercat. We had a slow start having to wait for the tuxedo to be altered, just as well it was for the favourite brother. We really only managed Queen St Mall, the favourite being Brisbane arcade because of the shops, and in particular Details. I will be hinting to B about a pair of boulder opal earrings I really like.

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