12 January, 2007

best wishes

just a really quick one (as I am at work) - best wishes to A and D who are about to be wheeled into theatres for the cesearean delivery of their first baby. Our thoughts are with you.

***Stoppress 1.34pm***
born 9.53am at 36 weeks, 50cm, 6.4 pounds or 2.8kg, a precious little boy Brody John, Mother and baby doing well.


And carried away with the celebratory feelings I have ordered me 'Sophie's Quilt' from Patchwork on Central Park, as seen on the cover of the February BH&G. It has been eating away at me since our copy BH&G arrived in the mail earlier this week and as I was viewing this blog and her quilt when I got the news of A & D's arrival, I just couldn't help myself.

Sophie's Quilt

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