15 January, 2007

ethically eating

With words like ‘bum’ banned our newest culinary success is no longer being referred to as ‘chicken with beer up its bum’ but ‘drunken chicken’.

I like the new name it’s less confronting for the eater. After all we buy free range eggs round here, we care about the chickens.

Drunken Chicken was a great hit for dinner, when my parents, the favourite brother, SIL and kiddo’s visited on Sunday night.

Drunken Chicken
Put an opened can of beer up the cavity of a chicken and BBQ till cooked.

Drunken Chicken

We also tested our newest (sort of homemade) Banana and Passionfruit icecream on them. It too was a success. The Passionfruit Vine continues to drop more fruit than we can keep up with, so I guess more passionfruit icecream is on the way.

Proof Positive Dinner was goood!
It was a great evening, and isn’t that a happy face.

waterlily cups and saucers

And I had a happy face when mum gave me these waterlily cups & saucers from a Salvation Army Store. Too cute.
And just because I don't like the photo of the chicken on the beer can I end my post with a photo I do like.

"I'll remove those excessive neck hairs"

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