31 January, 2007

January all but gone

January goings on

despite the photo mosaic (l just had to try this one out) not a great deal has been going on, well actually not a great deal of variety anyway. Except when it comes to food. We have been spoilt with Sri Lankan curries and rice thanks to our dear friend R. The photos show a seriously spicy beef curry (B's mouth was on fire, but I like it hot), potato curry, and the most delicious yellow rice I have ever had. Cooking classes have been requested because it was just too good.

We have gardened, stripping out the vegepatch and topping it up with cow manure which Macc has delighted rolling in, Harvested passionfruit daily, from which we have made icecream and more icecream. It is icecream weather here. Sanded and painted the wooden columns for the back verandah, Visited officeworks and discovered the eco bags with the cute designs, and the bag tag.

B and I have also had a few doctors appointments, in between which I did a bit of footpath loving, grazing and bruising my toes, ankle, knee, and elbow. But you would have already known about this, as the howling and sobbing was almost as spectacular as the fall itself.

We have also had quite a few trips to the hospital to visit a friend who could really do with our prayers, A (not of 'A and D' the one who just had a baby) but our other friend, has been paralysed down her right side (kinda like a stroke) for the last three weeks and has a six week rehabilitation program ahead of her. Unexplained and all very mysterious, and also kinda scary, that this sort of thing could be a pinched nerve one day and well paralysed the next. She needs our prayers.

And if you can spare a positive thought I have joined all the other fatty boombahs at Weight Watchers, cause we have big things planned for sure in 2007.

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