08 January, 2007

work in progress

my craft pursuits have taken a back seat to home improvement pursuits. For the last month a good part of my 'spare' daylight time has been spent stripping back a pair of cast iron columns that are intended for our back verandah. The columns are 100 years old or thereabouts and had countless layers of paint.

tin 1
Three tins of paint stripper, the first an environmentally friendly one (as far as paintstrippers go) although it killed the grass underneath, and two standard tins which did surprisingly little to the grass underneath and were as effective as the first tin in removing paint and half the price, metal brushes including an attachment for the drill (which I managed to burn out the motor this weekend, I guess 3 hours straight use will do that), and I think I am almost ready to paint them. There are still some stubborn bits which I have contemplated sourcing a blow torch, to burn that stubborn paint away. Although me and fire, are not always the best of companions, and I could end up causing not only myself some damage but my precious columns, so I can live with a few imperfections that I am sure will add to the character. Regardless, next weekend I shall paint. Due to the rain on Sunday, B took some time out from the thesis (which he submitted Sunday afternoon, Yay) and we made a trip to Bunnings and purchased the paint, and a cheap paint sprayer - for the fun of it, ahm that professional finish.


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