01 January, 2007

Happy New Year

we welcomed in the new year with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law. With company like that we gave the fireworks a miss again this year. The venue of our New Year celebrations was the Macquarie MegaPlex Silverscreen Cinema, with our company starring in The Holiday, which was kind of apt given the movie finishes with New Year celebrations. So well planned, a nice little movie, and so us at the moment. What happened to the party spirit. We were home by 10pm and struggled to stay awake to watch the Harbour spectacular on TV.

My resolutions
Relax, don't stress
More craft, starting with (current for last 2 years) cross-stitch project
Join quilters class
Blog more regularly
Read more fiction
Go to the movies more often (this shouldn't be too hard)
Catch up with friends who have patiently waited for me to finish uni studies
Learn how to make scones
Make a baby god dammit

Oh and to finish the year off in true burntofferings style - burnt lasagne, maybe I should add improve cooking skills to my resolutions.

new year burnt offering

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