20 August, 2011

A day in Honkers...

Today, was always going to be an interesting day... It was just HOW interesting! It started off with the sorting for washing, a calculus error, and then out and onto the long sardine can called the train!! It is actually a good service, better than Cityrail CityFAIL back home!

We eventually got to Hong Kong Central, and made our way down to the Pier where the Big Bus Tors stand is located, purchased tickets and on we went. It was another WARM day here, and both J & D stayed downstairs in the AC whilst I went upstairs. Once we got going though, there was a nice cool breeze! we saw the sights, many, and we reached our stop at the Peak Tram to the top of Victoria Peak. This is a well worth visit, so I will let the pics tell the story!

On the buses...

Property anyone?


St Mary's, Hong Kong

Shopping Strip


Bamboo Scaffolding

Ding Ding

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Tiffany & Co.

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Jack's apartment was in Victoria overlooking Hong Kong! He loved it there. As did his wife who had live in help and child care. She sat on the patio smoking and drinking, and didn't lift a finger the entire 2 years!

  2. thanks for my tiffiny photo! Aw


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