19 August, 2011

A gondola to a Buddha and Night at the Harbour!

This will be quick as its late, and I am tired (even after a nap this afternoon!)!!

Today, we went out to Ngong Ping for the Gondola up to the Big Buddha. It is a wonderful trip up, as last time I was here it was foggy, so I was really happy to see clear(ish) blue sunny skies! It also offers some fantastic views across over the airport!

Hong Kong Airport

Once at the top, we headed over to the Po Lin Monastery Gate, and then onwards to the Big Buddha.

Water Lilly

Where are we??

Po Lin Monastery Entrance

Big Buddha

Big Buddha

It was a very hot day, and glary on the eyes!!! We then headed out to the HAECO facility, after some advice from a local mate, but as it looked like some incoming clouds, we thought it best to head back into town... We had a nap before heading into Hong Kong itself but thanks to a VERY long line for 'The Peak' we headed across the Harbour on the Star Ferry!! Here is a panorama I got tonight!

HKG Harbour Panorama

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Wonderful Hong Kong shots. Look forward to seeing a photo-stream later on! ;o)

  2. as usual great photos...


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